Thursday, December 30, 2010

On Holiday!

A whole 10 days in California! This is the place from which I came!... The northern region... to be slightly less vague. I have a new favorite store in Santa Cruz, Stripe, and I make it a point of visiting every time I am here. This time I got a couple of choice pieces for Holiday herself a little tea tray, and a hanging bottle that whispered to me as I passed her b(u)y... I could definitely spend hours and fortunes in this shop... Lucky for me my rule as of right now is, "only for the salon" and lucky for our budget the salon is tiny, so my boundaries are set for me.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I almost forgot...

This one is for you!

Macarons before noon...

This morning I did it, I just woke up and went for it!... I MADE MACARONS!!!! For the first time ever... Remember how I was so scared? Well I pretty much nailed it! Crispy little outsides, chewy center, with the formation of the pied and all--for those who don't know what a "pied" is, it is the little frill or pooch at the foot of the macaron, and well with out this small detail, according to the french (who know everything), it isn't any more of a macaron then it's coconut impostor. Which as a beginner cookie snob, I think it is my job to inform you that the coconut thing? NOT a macaron, for the record...

And don't even get me started on the sea salt butter cream filling! Ok well, since I am already started... The butter cream was really good, and buttery but just kinda sweet and a bit boring for me and so I thought, "you know what it needs? subtle yet bold flakes of sea salt!" and OMG!!! I was right!... And so I proceeded to eat a dozen of these them... Almost.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

No macarons yet... But we did put up the tree?

I havent worked up the cookie courage ... Really I have not made the time... But hopefully this week will be the week. I can make them for gifts... That is if they do not turn out to be little turdy looking things... That is my fear, you know? That I will totally blow it, and this is why I procrastinate. Also I got the wrong almond meal, I got the TJ's kind that still had the skin on when they milled the almonds, so it is a speckley and I think I was supposed to get the blanched meal, or probably I was supposed to blanch the nuts myself and then ground them by mortis and pestle myself too, you know if I were a real baker. But I am not, so maybe I should just order them daily from Pix? Believe me that option is not off the table, but then neither are buttery little lavender short breads either, because I know that is something that I can make. Anyway there is a lot of talk about cookies and such but still no place to serve all of you good little girls and boys your treats. Soon you lovelies, hopefully we will be in our home come January (double crossed fingers and toes). There is movement behind this certain, I promise, we are almost there!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I may heart macarons, but I love my clients!

I do! I love love love them, it is so much fun to go into peoples homes, make them beautiful, hear their stories... And get paid for it all! I think it is the best! And I think you guys are the best!!! Thank You!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I heart macarons

I went to Powell's and I bought a book... I was looking for something special and I do believe I found it! Oh and then I went to pix for some inspiration... Unfortunately I have eaten all of the inspiration but I do still have the book.

Tonight we are going to trim the tree and I think I may attempt a batch of these puffy little charmers then, instead of the traditional forgiving sugar cookie... That may be a bit ambitious because I am kind of a control freak when it comes to ornament placement and it may be too much preasure... Doesn't that sound fun and Holiday spirited? Controlled decorating and anxious baking? I know, it's not, but my tree always look spectacular!!! And so goes the give and the take.

I am thinking we'll have to call a final decision closer to the decorating, see how the popcorn stringing goes and then we can decide about taking on the macarons.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I want this!

My new mission is to make macarons in the tiny oven aboard Holiday. I know that it is ambitious... But I can't think of anything else better in the world than sweet little Parisian puffed pastries made inside my little trailer!!!! And so now I need this book! Laduree` Fabricant dedouceurs ( Sweet Delights ) Laduree` makes clames to being the originator of these magic little sandwiches... and so I need to have this book!

Visualize with me...

Hello Universe,

It is Me, Robin (and Holiday), I am just writing to say thanks a million! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You, for making my dreams come true! You are truly amazing and abundant. As you know, I am now in my sparkly little space, my beautiful, amazing spot! AND I JUST LOVE IT HERE! Thank you for facilitating the magic that made my dream come true! Have you seen her?!?... What am I talking about? Of course you have, you actually have seen it all, every step along the way. But, Dude, Universe??? Can you even believe what an amazing thing we have made here? Truly a super special palace of magic and splendor! Wouldn't you agree?!? My, My, Oh Me Oh MY, but ain't she fine? Just Glorious! How she peeks right out from inside that secret garden, behind that regal wrought iron gate, Perfection! With her sweet little deck, that is actually her grand stage, as she shines her lovely light out on passer by's. Beckoning them in out of the blue-gray monotone of a Portland's winter day. Glowing like a small cottage in a darkening woods, wrapped in a Delicate Blush (actual paint color) with her sheer coral curtains and garland of twinkly lights casually draped around her outside, a little off the shoulder. What a flirty little dish she is! Warming guest with her luscious treats of drinking chocolate, sweet wines and petite pastries that are baked right on board, inside the tiniest little oven to ever attempt a macaroon! Her vanity surrounded by a halo of bulb lights wrapping us in her honey golden light and illuminating the beauty of it all!!!! What??? This Place is Bananas, so cute you could cry!, Right? Uhh!-I can barely stand it! She is absolutely marvelous, like a scene scavenged from the cutting room floor of a Wes Anderson film... So vibrant and quirky... And yet, it is a real place that people come to! They actually get to step inside this movie! They bring me their stories and dreams, our conversations dance and flutter to the sweet serenades of Edith Piaf or old timey Americana, as I spin gold from their silky tresses. They tip me in play lists, freshly canned pear butter, raspberries and heartmade goodies and they pay me in cash money! If the world is my oyster (and it is) then Holiday is the pearl! Thank you sweet, sweet universe for landing me here in this magic little matchbox of a fairytale come true! I am so grateful for all of the open and flowing goodness that moves through me and manifests my wildest dreams!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday is on Holiday!

Our little Holiday is off on her own tonight awaiting her procedures. We saw her off this afternoon, followed her to the garage and drew up her plans with the man. Next time we see her she will be oh-so-ready-to-go! I am sort of freaking out about this, I can't believe we have made it this far. We have worked (what feels like ) forever to get to this point... Knowing that when she comes back she could move right in to her new home and be ready to go is really insane to me! Now we patiently wait for the notice of acceptance, the one that says, "CONGRATULATIONS!!!, you pretty thing, we want to you to come live with us Holiday!... Oh, and, won't you stay for good?"
You know? Something along those likes...


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bon Voyage Holiday! Have a wonderful time!

She is all cleared out and ready for her first voyage into the world. Tomorrow she will be hauled away on a flat bed to the doctors office (Trailer garage) to be wired, plumed, and have the propane lines replaced... I found a shop that has been doing a lot of the food carts and is privy to all the requirements for inspection/permitting of the vending carts, and they are going to make our Holiday Hair Studio too legit too quit! This afternoon my husband and I removed the vanity and anything else that would break my heart if it fell and broke. As well as all of the evidence of the work we have done in there, all of the tools, buckets of paint, knob choices, wallpaper samples, and little bits and pieces I have collected over the months... Which included four different tea kettles... ??? Like I have room for four tea pots? Not that I am going to use all four kettles but a girl has to have choices right? It is nice to see the space cleared out and open, ready to be filled back in with what is really going to be there when she returns...Like, Just ONE tea pot!!! The curtains, bench cushions and pillows will all be going in when she comes back. The light fixture will have brand new wires and will be installed upon her return! I will even be able to hang pictures and will probably end up stocking her shelves and displaying products when she gets done getting done, as well, even though I will have to un-stock and take down displays when we get the final call to move into our fabulous new home... But until then I will just have to play salon in my sweety-spot little space.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anchor me home...

Still no news on the spot... And my zen is going away... It is actually welling up in my chest and pushing up through my throat and out of my face in the form of tears... Big ones, big sad longing tears. Back to the love story analogy: It is like the boy you are crushed to pieces over hasn't called you in weeks and you just know in your guts that he isn't into you. But you can't figure out why. You thought it was a perfect fit and now you love him even more... While he probably moved on the minute that first and only date ended. I am feeling completely crushed here people... Over the not knowing... Over having to potentially give up the dream spot if I am to move forward in any kind of reasonable time frame. I just want it all to fall right together please! I can not wait to be in it! Inside that magic little cart, in her perfect little home, doing hair in the cozy glow, while laughing with client-friends, meeting new ones, and inviting them in to share the warmth... It is pretty agonizing to have to wait and see just how it is all going to unfold...

BUT! There is a little light a-twinklin'... Yonder at the tunnel's end.(please note that is not how I really speak) The trailer is not completely done yet so there is still time. On Monday it is going to make it's first voyage out into the world as the rolling styling cart. She'll be off to get her guts all done up. A trip to the electrician and plumber to be made whole!!! So sometime after next week she should seriously be ready to go!!! This is very exciting news in case you didn't know that already! So there is that to put a sparkle in my smile. And along those lines, I have said it before, I am taking the field of dreams approach... That is to say I am going with a, "If You Build It, They Will Come" modo... But mine is more like, If I build her, her home will be waiting when she is done! So for now that is my plan!

Lot Of Dreams!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am being patient...

Just waiting for the universe to catch up!... Or maybe it is waiting for me to slow down. Whatever the case, I am, now, zen about the placement of my lovely Holiday. I know that all is in alignment. Perfection is what we have here... I mean what else is there? I could go off on some funny(ish), wordy rant about how my grandchildren are going to cut the ribbon on this baby... Or How, by the time I get placed the cart craze is going to be dead in the water and I am just gonna look like some trashy old gypsy lady... And I mean old because, well, it is taking FOREVER! But really, even those are dumb, in genuine examples because I am truly at peace with the process... I do believe it is all just right exactly as it is. And part of that is not knowing when (or potentially even where) we will finally be. But I know that it is perfect and that is all, I guess, I need to know for now. Back to visualizing... Ooo I can see her now in her cozy little nook of this magical city!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sneak Peek

This is just a really cool moody pic of the space in process that I wanted to share with you all.

The Palest Pink To Ever Take a girls Breath Away!


Now introducing... The Stage!

Sure a 1930's vanity is charming... But trim it with bobbley bulbs and you now have MAGIC!!!! Seriously? Uhhh!! Too F-ing Cute, right?... Well, I sure do like at least!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I am now just spilling my own beans!

I think that I just have to spill the whole dang pot of molten legumes right here on my pretty new blog layout. As usual we, my woodworker (husband) and I, are working like ferrets to get it all together... A little of this here a little of that there, in spurts and fits and mulling it all over in between. But golly how fancy she is looking!!! I must give you a sneak peak... It kinda feels the same as when I was pregnant and my pharmacist asked me, "if my belly button was sticking out yet", and I went right ahead and lifted my dress up to see... Oh yeah, I was in the middle of the drugstore ... I just felt kinda like a school bus at that point--nothing private nor potentially sexy about me then, just a big ol' vessel to haul around kids!... Ok now, that wasn't a tangent-- I simulate that situation to this because I am just so excited about every new development that I can't wait to share!

SOOO... Here is the latest development. My exquisite new shampoo bowl standing a proud 40" tall! Yes, that's right, my first ever tall-enough-shampoo-bowl. Not to mention, the thing is stunning, if I do say so myself. And fits perfectly in it's new home.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The countdown begins!

And by countdown I am not necessarily saying that I have an exact date... BUT if I don't start counting now, I just might explode! So we will count today as #1 and we will just keep counting until I open the doors of Holiday Hair Studio in that perfect spot!

As I grow nearer and nearer to the completion of the trailer I find it harder and harder to breath... It's like I have caught a wish inside my mouth and I don't want it to escape with my breath. I can't believe it is happening--I should believe it--we have spent 5 months solid working on the darn gal! But it is getting so close!... I can picture it all! Every detail of it, as if it were right here right now! I can't wait to spend Portland's watery winters hulled up, with a pare of scissors, inside my magic little cart... Bringing brightness and beauty into the grayness of my clients long winter days. Laughing and chatting and making them so pretty!

So then, we count and breath and we arrive at magic...

Friday, September 3, 2010

night shift

Still just plugging away at the dream... It seema as though it may actually take forever... But I am optumistic that we will have it done by the end of september!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yay! Yay! yay! And Hooray! My cabbies are finally being put into place. I would show you some living in their actual home but they are just too pretty to show before the grand finally. But I will let you peep them at my Honey's shop. He has done an amazing job... Because that is just what he does. He is an idiot at this stuff, and by idiot I am mean genius... As in savaunt and really what I am trying to say is that he is really really good, people. Really good. I love love love them!!! I can't wait to fill them with products and supplies... And MONEY!!! Well actually not money I keep that in my bra... What did you expect? I work run a trailer (wink).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Just whipping up some p-dillows over here... For those of you who don't speak hip-hop, allow me to translate for you, Pillows my friends. We got pillows on the make.

my pettet sink

This will be the hands washing sink aboard our little beauty parlor. It is sooo super sweet! I love it to tiny little pieces!!! I have actually had this sink for about three years now. I got it for $5 at a yard sale. I had no idea what I was ever going to do with it but it was $5... And amazing!!! And now it is quite clear why I got this darling little thing in the first place... It was meant to be in my little tiny hair studio!

Please notice that it is resting on a tiny childs chair, thats how small it is and the ratius of the pot inside the sink is 4"... The sink in pettet I tell you!

Gunnin' it!

Staple gunning it that is! Wow!? am I really that dorky? I type down the punn, I read the punn and I make fun of the punn but never do I remove it??? I guess I (not so) secretly love being an obvious DORK. Now back to the job at hand. Re-upholstering that chair, that boring black chair will now be a viberant magical mossy green! hooray for making things just so.

The Chair

Here is a picture of the brand new chair that I will now re-upholster... Yes because I am quite particular you see. I know it seems silly but there just were not very many options for chairs that suited my fancy and so, as per usual, I took matters into my own hands, I found a really rad fab that I loved in both color and texture as well as durability and now I will make THAT my chair.

sewing by flickering light

Watching some tube (or pixels rather) and doing some sewing for the trailer. Makeing curtins and bench seat upholstery for a cozy little hang out spot for the gal pals. The Seats are now covered and the curtins are sewn... Now these lovelies will just have to sit in my studio until the trailer is ready for these plushy details. Hopefully it won't be too much longer now. As it comes more and more together I feel less and less like sharing it all, because I don't want to give away the cow or what ever expression means to ruin the final suprise. So from here on out I think I will mostly be hinting towards ideas instead of spilling the beans right here on the floor for you to slip on. It is comeing along quite nicely however and the little details seam to be all falling right into place.

Monday, August 23, 2010

And here is this...

The tile is being laid... This is a little stage I have built for my vanity to live upon. For my station I picked up a 1930's art deco vanity at an antique store. The kind they made before the invention of the 6 foot woman... And well it was a bit short for me, but that is all sorted now, that I have this sweet little honeycomb platform to elevate the scene.

You called it!

Or maybe not? But if you picked Team America you were right!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

And it's on to the floors!

Here are some sweet shots of the floors starting to illuminate the space! This was a really fun job because it was that instant gradification (you know, that took a few days) sorta job. The difference in the floor before and the floor after was HUGE!!! and it really gave the trailer the feel that YES we are actually getting this baby ready!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The choosing of the damask...

The Damask samples are in... What we have here is Pink Madison, Gold on Gold Heirloom, and a vintage print-Team America... AAAND it's not even close! I have a clear winner already. Can you guess which one?

Hammer and Pearls

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh universe!

Thank you universe! You are too silly and too kind! I found my spot! My perfect spot!!! My lovely spot!!! My spot, my spot, my spot! Holey mesh half shirt, I am soooo beaming with excitment, that you may feel like you just hung out with an A.D.D., tweeny bopper, Chatty Cathy for 4 solid hours at the mall, after reading this post. Sorry to wipe you out, but bottled up this excitetment could very well kill me! Sooo... OMG! OMG! OMG! OMFG!!!! This spot, people, is better then I could have dreamed and it was paiteiently waiting right under my nose for me to realize it was the one. Litteraly right acrossed the street from the spot I thought I loved. This story is seriousley so "Pretty In Pink"! I thought I wanted one (not so rad thing) and what I really wanted was right there in front of my face all along, waiting for me to relize it was perfect for me! This spot is amzing and beautiful and rich and famous... Well at least to me it is rich and famous and once our little Holiday moves in it surely will be for reals! The space used to be an old nursery so there are some really cool plants and bamboo growing there and an awesome wrought iron fence and little stone path ways and... Oh!!! This is nearly making me weep with joy to describe it to you and knowing how truly special it is. I can not even believe it! It is just soooo perfect! I wish I had a taken a picture to show you... but actually not really because I want to keep it for myself for a little bit longer, like a budding romance, where you're all giggly and dreamy and you can't stop playing stair eyes with eachother--that's how I feel right now about this spot.I am in love! I love how I can fall madly in love with things and dreams and inspiration and not have to deal with boy drama... This is actually one of my favorite things about being married, you get to fall in mad love with life!!! Ok then, I will now take a breath... And calm down. And focus a bit more on the moment and the tasks to come and for a second come right back on down to earth and once I land just put one foot in front of the other, even though I want to go running full speed ahead directly into the sun!

Thank you for wadding through this shrill of enthusiasum. You people are so kind to take the time to read my slobbery doggy displays of affection... Cute but gross.

Oh Universe!
Thank You!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some before shots

This was pretty close to the beginning... Had already started to investigate the paint as you can see.

In the mean time...

While you patiently wait for all of the prettiness that is/will be Holiday Hair Studio, let me show you the these beauties! Just got a few pics back of the shoot from a couple weeks ago. I posted an iPhone pic a while back but these are the realio dealio... And they turned out stunning! Wouldn't you agree? Photos by Brandon Witzel, Styling by Sarah Van Raden, Hair & Make up by me (Robin Carlisle)


did this really work? I have no idea what picture it even is... Just thought I would try to upload something before I even worte anything because I din't want to rant off in frustration again.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Not so successful was the uploading of photos!!! GRRRR. Lame. Sorry there will be no high notes here, just a water sob session about how f-ing frustrated I am right now at what seams to be malfunction on all levels!!! Someone please tell me what Mercury is up to these days... Because I am sure it is no good! I have been mac-less for the past how ever long it's been--since my powerbook broke down and I have been using a PC and I am so sorry to my dear dears who so gracoiusly gifted it to me but...AHHHHH!!!!! I f-ing hate it!!!! And I am quite certain it hates me too, why else would it taunt me soo! And make stupid fun of my brains all the time!!!!???? So this blog, as a result of me being practically computerless, is slowly dying... No pics of my sweet lovely Holiday (sad, sad face) and as you have seen form previous posts my iphone defaults to WAY too big a picture... And that is nerdy as well... For now I am left to apologize for my apologies... Better days ahead!

A lot has happened...

Since last I wrote. And my hope for this entry is to share it with you all. This may sound like a boring todo list, but make no mistake people... This is a to-DONE list!!! And for me, the horse behind (in this case) the laptop, who is ever so anxiously chomping at the bit to run this race already, jotting this post down and seeing the progress I have made writen down in front of me can only help put things into persective.

So now, before I go further into the part where I am soooo friggin' ready for it to just be "there" already, I'll reflect on how far it's come. Shall we do it in list style? Will this blog format allow for a list style? let's just find out now shall we?


demo complete [X]
dump runs done[X]
new walls up [X]
new ceiling hung [X]
walls painted [X]
doors and windows trimed out [X]
trim painted {x]
new floor in [X]
got shampoo bowl [X]
got new hairchair [X]
chair re-upholstered [X]
got vanity [X]
built platform for vanity [X]
tiled platform [X]
got new hand sink [X]
got fabric [X]
got curtin rods [X]
made curtins [X]
made cusions for bench seat[X]
made pillows [X]
counter top cut out [X]
cabinets- 2 uppers built [X]

So there we have it, I think that is most of what is marked off, not even gonna go into what is left to-do... Makin' like Goerge Castanza here... leaving on a high note. That is if I am successfully able to upload some progress pics.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Demolition Mama

Gross, I know to give myself that title... But what else could I call me? I mean, come on, really? I have been at this project for DAYS now!!! I think I have erned my super hero title?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lovley Ladies...

Here is a sneak peek at some of the beauties I worked with all last week... This is just an lil' ol' iPhone pic of the real thing... Can't wait to get the actual professional version of the shoot in my mitts. These angels were so amazing! The Styling simply perfection, done of course by my fav Gal, Sarah Van Raden all of the clothes provided by Golden Rule... Seriously the to-die-for-est collection to grace the strip (Burnside and 8th that is)Since... Well since they were originally released decades ago... You have to go in there!!!

holy Smokes!... What happend to June???

I can't believe I have told my little blog nothing of the mad progress that we have going on in our side yard!!! Well actually I can kind of believe it because we have been majorly busy with the build out over here, and let me just tell you... Holiday is looking pretty sweet people! We have her totally gutted and all of the new walls are now up and primed and on their way to presentable... I'll have to make my next post a little photo montage of all of the stages. The new ceiling goes in tonight and after that the floor!!! If ever I wished I had gene Powers it would be with this little trailer. I would love to just blink and have it all be done... Not because I am not having sooo much fun with the remodel... because actually it is a ton of fun but the 3 year old in me wants it all done NOW!!! NOW, NOW, NOW!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Found it!

I found the part for my computer online in SF. It should be here in a couple of days! Also still no word from our lovely Jim on the spot yet... Let's give him a little break over the holiday weekend, then ponce when he is fresh off of some relaxation, shall we? He'll come around though, right? I mean, he kinda has to--it is my spot!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Prehistoric computer = they no longer make the part...

So I am on the search for a DC in board for a 2004 15" PowerBook... Am sure I'll be able to find one of those, whatever it is, on this here handy dandy internet world... But until then it is back to these irritating phone posts... Isn't all of this just fasinating?!?!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


So you won't believe this one friends... I am back posting from the phone!!! Can you even believe it? My pointer finger is really gonna get in great shape at this rate... It is gonna look so fit and trim I am gonna have to go get it a spray tan and some neon polish to compliment it's new physic... But really? I got a new plug and the next morning I go to turn on my computer and it gives me the total silent treatment!!! Not a peep not a sound just nothin'... So she is now at the doctors having her 6 year old check up... I hope she will servive... I know in mac years that is like 100 but com'on peaple I have had sea monkies that lived longer than that!

Monday, May 17, 2010

If slow and steady wins the race...

Then I have got this one in the bag! It seems to be taking quite a while to get this thing rolling. Mostly I am working now on funding, licensing, and location... They kinda all tie into each other and I need one to get the other and then the other to confirm the one and so on like that. But the dream is alive!... And shifting and becoming and is already real! So again with the patience... We have all just got to have a ton of that in order to remain calm through the slowness of things. I have always been one for instant gratification... I mean really??? Who doesn't like that??? You are gonna offer someone to have exactly what they want NOW... and they are gonna say, "Oh no... I think I will wait on it, I kinda hate getting what I want, mmmhappiness really isn't my thing, thanks anyway though"??? Of course not! That would be stupid! Anyway I am just like everyone... I would love to have my dreams here, now, right in front of my face ... But this whole thing is a process and I have to accept that. I may have been a little optimistic to have started up this blog so soon just to bore you all with all of the yawn-town details and not a ton of action, but what can I say, I am a huge jump-the-gunner! So you can just keep checking back as often as you like and I will just keep bringing whatever it is that I have got. Sometimes it will be little up dates about the progress, other times it may be little bits of filler from my un-hair-related life and then there will be the really-big-stuff news... Like when I get my spot... Or my loan or graduate with honors from my small business workshop... Just stay tuned and you will see, we will make this thing magical!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My dreams are in your hands...

Dude at the property management center... Of my dream property!!! There I go again, starting out by screaming at you all--what with the exclamation marks and such. Oh well, I hardly know how to write about stuff that bores me so you are just going to have to mussel through the excitement, or find a different resource for your random ramblings and procrastination. Anyway, staying right on topic here(clearly). I met with the property manager, Jim. That is his name, Jim. I think it is only appropriate that you know the man's name who is responsible for making or breaking my dreams. Jim and I met last week I pitched him my idea and presented my business plan. He seemed impressed, while not jumping up right then and there and tossing me the keys with a go-get-um-kid wink and a smile he lead me to believe that he would do some serious twirling around, of my proposal, in the old hamster cage. That is to say, he would give it some thought. Remember when I told you all that I had not found it yet... A place that I was enthralled with... A place to hold my obsession? WELL... Those days are far behind me now... I can barely even picture a time (two weeks ago) when I didn't know this place as being THE PLACE! MY PLACE! HOLIDAY! Jimmany Christmas all ready, just realize your damn-self who's spot that is Jimmy boy and we can get on with this!.. Respectfully. Really though, I can not wait for the post that is titled "IT IS MINE!!!" You know how that one will go? Probably just a bunch of straight up exclamation marks... And that's it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


So that there folks, it what is left of my computer cord... That means phone posts for the next few days arrrg! These iPhone posties are for one, exrutiating to write with my kilbasa fingers! Two, NO spell check, as exhibited by how I spelled exrutiating... Who knows, it could be spelled correctly(wishful thinking), I certainly wouldn't know. And three, I am not able to reformat the size of the pictures so they are gigantic! So friends be patient, I will soon appear somewhat less primitive. If I could just find one of these archaic round PowerBook cords like the one displayed in the above photo... Only attached to a wire with a plug at the other end. Maybe an estate sale?