Sunday, November 7, 2010

I am now just spilling my own beans!

I think that I just have to spill the whole dang pot of molten legumes right here on my pretty new blog layout. As usual we, my woodworker (husband) and I, are working like ferrets to get it all together... A little of this here a little of that there, in spurts and fits and mulling it all over in between. But golly how fancy she is looking!!! I must give you a sneak peak... It kinda feels the same as when I was pregnant and my pharmacist asked me, "if my belly button was sticking out yet", and I went right ahead and lifted my dress up to see... Oh yeah, I was in the middle of the drugstore ... I just felt kinda like a school bus at that point--nothing private nor potentially sexy about me then, just a big ol' vessel to haul around kids!... Ok now, that wasn't a tangent-- I simulate that situation to this because I am just so excited about every new development that I can't wait to share!

SOOO... Here is the latest development. My exquisite new shampoo bowl standing a proud 40" tall! Yes, that's right, my first ever tall-enough-shampoo-bowl. Not to mention, the thing is stunning, if I do say so myself. And fits perfectly in it's new home.

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lindsey said...

She is looking SOOO cute! i can't wait to see her.