Friday, September 3, 2010

night shift

Still just plugging away at the dream... It seema as though it may actually take forever... But I am optumistic that we will have it done by the end of september!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yay! Yay! yay! And Hooray! My cabbies are finally being put into place. I would show you some living in their actual home but they are just too pretty to show before the grand finally. But I will let you peep them at my Honey's shop. He has done an amazing job... Because that is just what he does. He is an idiot at this stuff, and by idiot I am mean genius... As in savaunt and really what I am trying to say is that he is really really good, people. Really good. I love love love them!!! I can't wait to fill them with products and supplies... And MONEY!!! Well actually not money I keep that in my bra... What did you expect? I work run a trailer (wink).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Just whipping up some p-dillows over here... For those of you who don't speak hip-hop, allow me to translate for you, Pillows my friends. We got pillows on the make.

my pettet sink

This will be the hands washing sink aboard our little beauty parlor. It is sooo super sweet! I love it to tiny little pieces!!! I have actually had this sink for about three years now. I got it for $5 at a yard sale. I had no idea what I was ever going to do with it but it was $5... And amazing!!! And now it is quite clear why I got this darling little thing in the first place... It was meant to be in my little tiny hair studio!

Please notice that it is resting on a tiny childs chair, thats how small it is and the ratius of the pot inside the sink is 4"... The sink in pettet I tell you!

Gunnin' it!

Staple gunning it that is! Wow!? am I really that dorky? I type down the punn, I read the punn and I make fun of the punn but never do I remove it??? I guess I (not so) secretly love being an obvious DORK. Now back to the job at hand. Re-upholstering that chair, that boring black chair will now be a viberant magical mossy green! hooray for making things just so.

The Chair

Here is a picture of the brand new chair that I will now re-upholster... Yes because I am quite particular you see. I know it seems silly but there just were not very many options for chairs that suited my fancy and so, as per usual, I took matters into my own hands, I found a really rad fab that I loved in both color and texture as well as durability and now I will make THAT my chair.

sewing by flickering light

Watching some tube (or pixels rather) and doing some sewing for the trailer. Makeing curtins and bench seat upholstery for a cozy little hang out spot for the gal pals. The Seats are now covered and the curtins are sewn... Now these lovelies will just have to sit in my studio until the trailer is ready for these plushy details. Hopefully it won't be too much longer now. As it comes more and more together I feel less and less like sharing it all, because I don't want to give away the cow or what ever expression means to ruin the final suprise. So from here on out I think I will mostly be hinting towards ideas instead of spilling the beans right here on the floor for you to slip on. It is comeing along quite nicely however and the little details seam to be all falling right into place.