Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Portland Street Style!

The lovely and talented Lisa Warninger Stopped by Holiday with her trusty camera and snapped off a few shots. They are featured here on here on her awesome blog, Urban Weeds. Thanks Lisa, for the cute pictures!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today a client walked in with a sunburn... The nerve!

I was green with envy over her red face.

But I graciously congratulated her on her sunburn and we went about the service. Come to find out she had been down on the Oregon Coast--close to California (of course) but Oregon none-the-less. This is proof people, that the sun doth shine in Oregon! I have heard tell of this phenomenon, but I can barely recall the last time I was on the right axis at the correct coordinates, amidst the perfect atmospheric pressure to have the experience for myself. I did though, once, long ago, see the sun, in all of it's sunshiny glory and it was victorious!

Come to Portland, and you are guaranteed at least one Sasquatch sighting, a leprechaun encounter, plenty of fairies, naked bike riding processions and definitely unicycle commuters... You can even get your hair done aboard a magical little gypsy cart (what, who me?!)! But Sunshine? I would not count on that...

But tomorrow I suspect there will be sun...
Based only on that fact that I just decided it will be so.

Get out your sandals! And clippity clop your way over to Holiday for some lemonade on the porch.
(and story telling)


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Highlights in Portland!!!

Well... I would say it is time to take responsibility for our own sunshine. If we can not count on the sun to shine down upon us, we are just going to make our own sunshine from the ground up! I am talking Highlights here people, rad streaky, comin' in from the front, running throughout the back, chuncky, blended, buttery, platinum, champaign... Whatever you want! What-eva' you NEED!!! HIGHLIGHTS! Subtle ones, obvious ones and every thing in between, highlights. This is a call for action ladies (and men too... I guess???) Let's frame those beautiful faces with some light and lovely summertime flare. You don't need the sun to come out to flirt a little. We'll start with the hair then add in the Spaghetti straps, and from there... Well! Matt Zaffino (thats our weather guy) is going to have to call sunshine in the forecast, because our fair (skinned) city is going to be glistening like El Dorado when I am done with ya'll.

Who's in? Let's book it! I have got a brand new box of foil and I am ready to go!

(503) 516-9115

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Apartment Therapy!!!!!!

Holiday was shown some LOVE today on Apartment Therapy, under the Re-Nest section, wrtten by the lovely and talented Leela Cyd Ross. You can read all about it yonder Including a lengthy description of my "average day"... It is really a pretty cool little write up if I do say so!

Monday, July 11, 2011

So I did it... I mousy browned myself!

---------------------------> (Just another classy self portrait)

AND what a bummer! I went mousy brown... While trying to grow out my hair???... BAD IDEA!! SO NOT GOOD. I thought it would be ok, but I was horribly mistaken. I had to immediately turn it dark again, pre-picture even.

Turns out I don't have the face of Jean Seberg,??? Or twiggy. Nor do I have the face, even, of the pink cigarette girl on the Hair album... NOPE, Me, I am just plane, and with a wonky grow out happening, the mousy brown was, heading straight towards homelyville.

Alas I am no tear out of a fashion mag... Just a another hairstylist, hooked on haircolor.

But speaking of natural appeal--I did however get a lovely compliment from a client on Saturday (post experiment & color fix), she said, "I love that you don't look like a hairstylist". I was quite happy to hear that, as it always turns me off just a little bit when someone guesses my profession without knowing. I like to keep the intrigue! No actually, I like a bit more of a natural feminine look then that of the in-your-face-glam that a lot of stylists go for.

I am just glad to be the test dummy for the drab color experience, so that you can come in and I can dazzle you out with some champagne highlights to liven up your mouse house (that is slang [that i just made up] for your natural hair color).

Let's keep it flowing and growing people!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mousy Brown me!

Ok! For years and years, and ever and ever the thing has been to go dramatic, bold, and vibrant with your color, the richest reds and deepest chocolateiest browns... Platinum blondes and warm golden honeys... Well how about NOT that... anymore.

Lets ash that shit up!... No seriously, lets. And excuse me, yes, I did just call your hair shit, but it was only for effect not personal (and I am sorry if it hurt.)

Really now, lets make it mousey, dish water, and dusty coco powder. Like you were just in a flour fight, lets dull it down!

Why? Because it is totally in right now... And guess what? I am buyin' it. I have a feeling, though, that I am going to have a hard time selling it, because richness is quite addicting and often, vibrancy is por vida... But I think I am going to try it out myself because, yes, I am digging it that much. I'll tell you what I think.

I love how natural and summer babe it looks, And by summer babe, I mean actual baby. My 4 year old has the coolest ashy blonde hair with little white tips... Uhh! I want that... But mine will be in a darker shade.

I have been waiting my whole life for my natural, boring hair color to be cool, so I will be dammed if I miss this boat! Here I go "natural"-- Well, enhanced natural, of course, no one will ever know the painstaking tone-age I will have had to endure to get such a none chalaunt carefree look.

It seems so 1960's mod to me and I LOVE that!

Until I report back, the above is some hair for thought.

see you soon!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Here it is in print!

I was so shocked to me chosen for this! In case you miss the post just below... We were the Editor's Pick for "Most Charming New Salon" In Oregon Bride Best of 2011. Though I can see how they think so... Shall I continue? Or should I be, perhaps, a bit more gracious?