Saturday, May 29, 2010

Found it!

I found the part for my computer online in SF. It should be here in a couple of days! Also still no word from our lovely Jim on the spot yet... Let's give him a little break over the holiday weekend, then ponce when he is fresh off of some relaxation, shall we? He'll come around though, right? I mean, he kinda has to--it is my spot!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Prehistoric computer = they no longer make the part...

So I am on the search for a DC in board for a 2004 15" PowerBook... Am sure I'll be able to find one of those, whatever it is, on this here handy dandy internet world... But until then it is back to these irritating phone posts... Isn't all of this just fasinating?!?!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


So you won't believe this one friends... I am back posting from the phone!!! Can you even believe it? My pointer finger is really gonna get in great shape at this rate... It is gonna look so fit and trim I am gonna have to go get it a spray tan and some neon polish to compliment it's new physic... But really? I got a new plug and the next morning I go to turn on my computer and it gives me the total silent treatment!!! Not a peep not a sound just nothin'... So she is now at the doctors having her 6 year old check up... I hope she will servive... I know in mac years that is like 100 but com'on peaple I have had sea monkies that lived longer than that!

Monday, May 17, 2010

If slow and steady wins the race...

Then I have got this one in the bag! It seems to be taking quite a while to get this thing rolling. Mostly I am working now on funding, licensing, and location... They kinda all tie into each other and I need one to get the other and then the other to confirm the one and so on like that. But the dream is alive!... And shifting and becoming and is already real! So again with the patience... We have all just got to have a ton of that in order to remain calm through the slowness of things. I have always been one for instant gratification... I mean really??? Who doesn't like that??? You are gonna offer someone to have exactly what they want NOW... and they are gonna say, "Oh no... I think I will wait on it, I kinda hate getting what I want, mmmhappiness really isn't my thing, thanks anyway though"??? Of course not! That would be stupid! Anyway I am just like everyone... I would love to have my dreams here, now, right in front of my face ... But this whole thing is a process and I have to accept that. I may have been a little optimistic to have started up this blog so soon just to bore you all with all of the yawn-town details and not a ton of action, but what can I say, I am a huge jump-the-gunner! So you can just keep checking back as often as you like and I will just keep bringing whatever it is that I have got. Sometimes it will be little up dates about the progress, other times it may be little bits of filler from my un-hair-related life and then there will be the really-big-stuff news... Like when I get my spot... Or my loan or graduate with honors from my small business workshop... Just stay tuned and you will see, we will make this thing magical!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My dreams are in your hands...

Dude at the property management center... Of my dream property!!! There I go again, starting out by screaming at you all--what with the exclamation marks and such. Oh well, I hardly know how to write about stuff that bores me so you are just going to have to mussel through the excitement, or find a different resource for your random ramblings and procrastination. Anyway, staying right on topic here(clearly). I met with the property manager, Jim. That is his name, Jim. I think it is only appropriate that you know the man's name who is responsible for making or breaking my dreams. Jim and I met last week I pitched him my idea and presented my business plan. He seemed impressed, while not jumping up right then and there and tossing me the keys with a go-get-um-kid wink and a smile he lead me to believe that he would do some serious twirling around, of my proposal, in the old hamster cage. That is to say, he would give it some thought. Remember when I told you all that I had not found it yet... A place that I was enthralled with... A place to hold my obsession? WELL... Those days are far behind me now... I can barely even picture a time (two weeks ago) when I didn't know this place as being THE PLACE! MY PLACE! HOLIDAY! Jimmany Christmas all ready, just realize your damn-self who's spot that is Jimmy boy and we can get on with this!.. Respectfully. Really though, I can not wait for the post that is titled "IT IS MINE!!!" You know how that one will go? Probably just a bunch of straight up exclamation marks... And that's it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


So that there folks, it what is left of my computer cord... That means phone posts for the next few days arrrg! These iPhone posties are for one, exrutiating to write with my kilbasa fingers! Two, NO spell check, as exhibited by how I spelled exrutiating... Who knows, it could be spelled correctly(wishful thinking), I certainly wouldn't know. And three, I am not able to reformat the size of the pictures so they are gigantic! So friends be patient, I will soon appear somewhat less primitive. If I could just find one of these archaic round PowerBook cords like the one displayed in the above photo... Only attached to a wire with a plug at the other end. Maybe an estate sale?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Motha's Day!

I am so proud to be both a mother and a daughter on this day of celebrating these incredible relationships! I am so grateful to my amazing husband for helping to bring into my heart and life the brightest shine of gods light that I have ever known! My son! Today I celebrate the gift of being a mother by appreciating the ones that made me one... My husband and my son!!! I love you two little creatures with every breath of my being. You make my life simply wonderful and I THANK YOU for that! Not that either of those guys read this... So, I will now address the one person who does actually read this thing, my mom! Happy Mother's Day mom! Happy Mothers day to all of my moms!!! I have so many women that teach me so many things and who extend to me great wisdom and motherly gifts... I could not be more blessed in the the department of Motherly Love...That sounds pretty official, doesn't it?... The Department of Motherly Love? I think that we should definitely make this a branch of the government. Load knows!...It would do some good!!! In fact I am pretty sure it could actually solve all of our problems! Anyway, before I go all tangy on you kind people... I just want to say thank you to all mamas everywhere for being the amazing women that you are, I am so honored to be in your club.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


So my meeting with the future prop manager hasn't happened yet... He had to reschedule so we meet on Wednesday now. Still at 10:00 if anyone wants to send out "lease that dang ol spot" energy then, you know, it couldn't hurt. I am working hard on my business plan... The more I workon it the more I am excited about it all. I can't believe that I can keep getting more and more into this little dream adventure I am on, but I do! I can't wait to share more about some of the newest developments... I have to keep working on the BP now but as soon as I get a moment I will tell you about the newest big thing. You'll never guess but it is so super cool. Oooo now ponder that for a bit... Or not, I'll be back to tell about it later either way.

Xox- From all of me to all of you

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My spot!

Here she is! She is mine! All mine... And now I just have to go convince the leaser of this! He told me a big fat NO on Monday, What was he thinking?... So I called him back today and asked him for a meeting to go over my business plan so that he may have the opportunity to be inspired. We meet Friday morning at 10:00! Now I just need to come up with a cohesive Business Plan in 2 days... No biggie... Why in the world am I blogging right now???? I need to be formulating (is that a real thing?)!

I will keep you posted... Meaning I will let you know when we sign the pape's.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Tonight was kinda a (to)nightmare! I almost cried in my in front of my whole business class because I was paralyzed with fear about my inability to be able... I was so over come with this fear that I was incapable of the whole business of responsibility... I just felt that I had skated by for so long with people doing for me and fixing all of my ill planned life messes, that if I ever had to do it myself I would just fall flat on my face so hard that I would sink to the center of the earth and be consumed by molten lava! We went over credit and finances and accountability and I just kinda started spinning... Licensing and permits... And my brain just sorta started to slowly back out of the room as if it had walked in to the wrong meeting. And from there I tried to recall any sort of comfort or familiarity in any of the material that I could find but the only recognition I could claim all told me that I was a big huge loser and that I had better run ... Fast... Now... Before I turned in to a massive pile of steaming shit right here in front all of the respectable people. Then after 2 nasty hours of crazy self torment I had to get up in front of everyone and give my "elevator speech" Oh yay, they were probably all thinking, the cute, sparkly girl from last week... Wrong! The horrified, uncomfortably honest girl on the the verge of tears from this week!... I couldn't even give the whole speech... I had to stop and process fear right there in front of everyone???? Really??? I couldn't just fucking lie a little? For half a minute???... It was literally 30 seconds people, timed and I broke down and went with raw venerability ... That to me, is seriously lame... (skipping the details of all of that) It all turned out to be ok and and I got some really great feedback from the most unexpected places and I can now (3 hours later) chalk it up to just another perfect moment in life even though it, and I, am sometimes totally rediculus, I think it may have been exactly right...