Thursday, May 13, 2010


So that there folks, it what is left of my computer cord... That means phone posts for the next few days arrrg! These iPhone posties are for one, exrutiating to write with my kilbasa fingers! Two, NO spell check, as exhibited by how I spelled exrutiating... Who knows, it could be spelled correctly(wishful thinking), I certainly wouldn't know. And three, I am not able to reformat the size of the pictures so they are gigantic! So friends be patient, I will soon appear somewhat less primitive. If I could just find one of these archaic round PowerBook cords like the one displayed in the above photo... Only attached to a wire with a plug at the other end. Maybe an estate sale?

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Holiday said...

I got a new plug! that is why I the Twinky comment no longer applies... I changed the pick because I am back in action people!