Saturday, May 28, 2011

WOW! Am I ever grateful for my job.

I LOVE it! I really am so happy to be doing the work that I do. Some of the best, most interesting, talented and adorable people sit in my chair, from chocolatiers and bakers, alpaca farmers, art therapists, artist, scientists, amazing photographers, writers, musicians, powerful woman with bigwig jobs, hobby pilots, I swear I get to hear so many stories from so many walks of life. GEMS I tell you these people are all sparkly little gems in the world and in my day! I hear all kinds of things! Like what?, You ask. Well That I will never tell! I go by a strict code of client/stylist confidentiality. All though if there were ever a film crew that wanted to take on some of these confessions I might just have to oblige. But really nothing scandalous, though I am here for those with crazy stories as well. I just love meeting new people and catching up with old ones. Conversation and laughter is part of what makes my job so spectacular! Much of my job being great is about the art of hair styling BUT also it is SOOO much about the people I get to meet!

So, before I ramble on and on and repeat myself yet again by saying how much I love all of you... Let me just say...

Thank You

Friday, May 20, 2011


We are so with it... The times that is. And here is why... YOU ARE NOW INVITED TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT VIA TEXT!!!! In fact we encourage it! We love this idea, because it is personal (as I speak in the third person) and instant and easy for everyone (with a cell phone) to do. So if you are wanting to make an appointment, just text us! (503) 516-9115 and we will totes text you back... Promptly! If we are with a client it may take a little while but don't worry we will not leave you hanging. So text us and we can be BFF's... Or at least you can make a hair appointment.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The absolutely lovely and adorable and OH SO TALENTED Laura D'art came to Holiday once upon a day last week to take pictures. And here, my friends, are the results... I really think she is so gifted and genuine and really just one of those people that even if you don't get to know them personally, you are glad they are out there in the world doing their thing, making their magic shine, and sharing it. thank you Laura, for your contribution.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wow! What a day!

First of all, A HUGE THANK YOU TO KATE a great friend and a really talented artist here in Portland Or!!!!! WE rocked it today in that yard! And WOW, It looks awesome. We had a great day pulling weeds and planting really darling newbies... If you are in the neighborhood you should stop by and spend some time in the garden, even if you are not in need of a hair do. It looks great and I can't wait for it to fill in a bit... I only have before/during pictures, as it was dark when we were done... So I will have to show you the before and afters later. For now I will leave you with this one of the place at night since it is so magical!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring is here...

And the sun seems to be peeking out of the clouds more and more often... One of these days I hope it decides to stay!!! Anyway, either way, the shop is closed tomorrow and I will be working in the yard, pulling weeds and planting pretty new bloomers! If you want to stop by and have a splash of lemonade or a mug of tea (weather dependent) I would love to have you on the deck as I work the earth and listen to music making the outside of the studio as lovely as the inside.

I live here PDX

Here is a little feature on a blog here in Portland, obviously, it is called I live here PDX and it is a pretty sweet little blog that introduces you to interesting people all over Portland. Have a read if you want to know a little something more personal about me, (Robin) and a little less about Holiday.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Holiday Hair Studio is now in NEW YORK...

Magazine that is!

That is right, New York Magazine online has featured Holiday Hair Studio as an "insider's tip" in their travel section!

You can read the article Go Alternative in Portland, to see for your self.

Hate to brag (no I don't) but... It is just nice to know that NEW YORK CARES ABOUT LITTLE OL' US... Portland, Oregon--but also, more importantly, Holiday Hair Studio!




Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Daily Do:

Holiday Hair Studio is now offering same-day specials when the schedule allows for such treats!

We are calling it the "Daily Do" so when you see this as a title it means there is something extra special waiting for you aboard the magic little trailer that is HOLIDAY!

To kick off the the first of many special days here at Holiday, We are offering a complimentary Moroccan Oil--Deep Conditioning Treatment when you book a Haircut TODAY!

This treatment will leave your hair feeling strong and healthy and SOOO smooth and shiny for days! If you have naughty, knotty hair come in for some FREE repair!!!

A Value of $35!

We have 2 spots available at --12:00 and 2:30

Call to reserve your space! Today ONLY people!

(503) 516-9115

Much Love and Happy Hair.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Feather Extensions!!!

Holiday Hair Studio now offers Feather Extensions!!! These little sweeties are just so fun and cute and dare I say... Portland!!! This is way beyond "put a bird on it"! Come in and be adorned in these fancy little feathers! It is a super fun way to flirt-in the warmer weather!