Monday, January 31, 2011


Ok, now this is no joke! I got it!!!! I finally got it!!!! I got my dream spot! after 5 months the spot I have been hoping for, wishing for, whining for and dying for is finally mine. We have not only got a home for Holiday, but it is the most perfect, most incredible, most lovely spot of all time!!!!... EVER. I am absolutely positive that there is not a better space on this entire planet to park my sweet petite.

I have been working on the lot the passed couple of days getting it ready to move in and I am still kind of in shock about the whole thing... I keep realizing it, out of the blue, and either I get the biggest, goofiest, dumb monkey faced grin on my face OR I start to well up... Yeah, so, I am an emotional gal, what can I say? I am easily moved and well, this is actually kind of a gigantic deal so, yes it makes me cry a little... All the time. I seriously just can't believe it!

Doors are set to open February 14th so mark your calendars... Or better yet, make sure I mark you in mine! That is right! We set sail on LOVE day and I can't think of a better day to introduce my little love to the world then Valentine's Day! If you are in the area come see me and enjoy a sweet little macaroon which, as you may have followed, I have had plenty of time to perfect.

Holiday Hair Studio is located at:

116 SE 28th ave Portland Or. 97214

To book an appointment call:

(503) 516-9115

Or email:

Thank you all so much for being patient and letting me blabber out my dreams to you all while they slowly manifested.

Thank you Universe for showing me my dreams and making them my life!

Much LOVE,


Sunday, January 23, 2011


Would you just look at these beauties?! This is the front and back of my ADORABLE Business card! I could not even believe how much I loved it the minute I saw it.

If you are lucky you might get a real one of your very own!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gawd I love this piece!

I want this thing to be dripping from my neck... Even if it is just while I vaccume my house... Or I could wear it for you while I dazzle out your hair?...

Clothes I covet

This dreamy little number has me dreaming Swed dreams!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

On this rainy and romantic sunday...

How a bout a splash of tea and a mini blog?

Well, Portland rain has finally decided to show herself... Which to me, feels quite calm and refreshing. And might I add that she has bought along with her a most unusual friend? He goes by the name, I think, of 60 Degrees... They really are charming together! Thank you spring day for dropping in on us in January!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

While we are waiting...

I am pretty sure that my son needs this entire getup??? It is from the Stella McCartney.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The next time I have a tiny trailer...

I want to keep it all for myself! Working on Holiday has really been an over all blast... And I have loved styling her out for company, that is you, the client! But it has been hard to deny her her cozy potential (don't worrie I saved some cozy for you too). But that is why I think next I really want one for myself and my cozy little family!... There are so many possibilities with these things. I mean obviously, could you even count the places we could go?... Nope you couldn't. And then there is the stay factor, a guest bed, afternoon tea, just to decorate a miniature little oasis! To cozy it out with books and textiles and pillows galore... I gotta say I love a little gypsy cart! I think I really need to watch myself other wise I might end up with this redneck mansion... Which I actually think is... Way raaad!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hello Lovlies!

(the above picture is purely inspirational and has nothing to do with her majesty, Holiday Hair studio)

Begin post:
Once again I am taking my behavioral inspiration from toddles... Meaning: I am about to be way overly dramatic in expressing my latest emotion. Which is... I'm ECSTATIC!!!!

And it is all over a simple little meeting with an adorable gal! Discussing the possibilities of my DREAM COMING TRUE in the my DREAM SPOT! I can not see how I could put this gal (Holiday) anywhere else but in this amazing location... So it does seem closer then ever before and please don't feel like I am the girl who cries wolf because I am not... These things just take time my friends, they certainly do!

So let me just tell you, if ever there was a perfect match it would be Holiday and this sparkly little parcel of the perfect spot!!! And I can not tell you how bright and sparkly the people who I will be dealing with are!!! I am so down for this arrangement that I can hardly stand it! See! I can't even articulate! I mean, " so down for this arrangement"? I clearly don't have words to convey the immense feelings of appreciation and adoration I have for this spot and these people... It just feels so right! SO. SO. RIGHT!

I feel like it was made-for-me-destiny! and at the same time if I were to get this spot it would feel like I won the lottery, hit the mother load and found sunken treasure all wrapped up in one!!! It is just that perfect of a match for my lovely trailer and I would also feel so so lucky and honored if I could really, in real life call it mine!

Ok so there is my enthusiastic song and dance about my dreamy little dream!

And I am also stating (continuing) to feel like a broken record with all this go round about spots and dreams and all of this. Sooo... I think I shall make this the last time I mention a POTENTIAL spot until I have a DEFINITE spot and a DATE!!! How does that sound? Well, it sounds good to me. Until then I will show you other trailer loveliness! Like this little darling...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Direction please.

I guess this morning I am searching for a bit of direction... So many things swirling around in my dome that I am having a hard time plucking one down to focus on. They are all just buzzing around up there like mad hornets. It is more like a bee hive hovering above my shoulders than a head. Art shows, Holiday, proposals, counter offers, traffic court, taxes, responsibilities, clearing out the basement, resolutions, errands... And then there are the not so pressing little insects up there too, with their waxy wings and intriguing stripes who are far less frantic, these guys are more like honey bees they have a calmer way about them, romantic and mesmerizing as they route their courses from lovely flower to lovely flower... Unfortunately these are just the dreamy bees, my little creative distractions from the hornets. Ideas and inspiration about future projects and possibilities but that do not effect my life now... Sadly these are the bees I need to smoke out, so that I may focus on fighting traffic tickets, collecting receipts, protesting my bank, and arranging the life and projects that are here now in front of my face... Even this blog post I am sure is another form of collecting honey--Procrastinating. So now that I got to be a tiny bit creative maybe I can find a way to tackle some hornets? It is gonna sting a little as it always does when I force responsibility upon myself, but I am an adult so I suppose it is my job to endure the welts. (wow, that was kinda dramatic--as I do actually really enjoy my adulthood)

Monday, January 3, 2011

And I am back... So let's get our hands dirty!

Ok so that was a long 10...12? Days! But it was needed! And now that I have walked on the beach , touched sea anenamies with a four year old, hugged loved ones and and kissed my fella under fireworks at the stroke of midnight...I am ready to bring in the new year with a permanent Holiday! The one that is a little pink hair hairstyling cart! I am so happy to be back with the momentum, happy to be home and feeling the forward motion. I have no definite dates yet but I can say that it is absolutely approaching. Until I have a solid date to sing from the rooftops I will fill in the space with sweet little snippets of my life away from Holiday... And in this case my life on holiday--meaning vacation this time.