Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hello Lovlies!

(the above picture is purely inspirational and has nothing to do with her majesty, Holiday Hair studio)

Begin post:
Once again I am taking my behavioral inspiration from toddles... Meaning: I am about to be way overly dramatic in expressing my latest emotion. Which is... I'm ECSTATIC!!!!

And it is all over a simple little meeting with an adorable gal! Discussing the possibilities of my DREAM COMING TRUE in the my DREAM SPOT! I can not see how I could put this gal (Holiday) anywhere else but in this amazing location... So it does seem closer then ever before and please don't feel like I am the girl who cries wolf because I am not... These things just take time my friends, they certainly do!

So let me just tell you, if ever there was a perfect match it would be Holiday and this sparkly little parcel of the perfect spot!!! And I can not tell you how bright and sparkly the people who I will be dealing with are!!! I am so down for this arrangement that I can hardly stand it! See! I can't even articulate! I mean, " so down for this arrangement"? I clearly don't have words to convey the immense feelings of appreciation and adoration I have for this spot and these people... It just feels so right! SO. SO. RIGHT!

I feel like it was made-for-me-destiny! and at the same time if I were to get this spot it would feel like I won the lottery, hit the mother load and found sunken treasure all wrapped up in one!!! It is just that perfect of a match for my lovely trailer and I would also feel so so lucky and honored if I could really, in real life call it mine!

Ok so there is my enthusiastic song and dance about my dreamy little dream!

And I am also stating (continuing) to feel like a broken record with all this go round about spots and dreams and all of this. Sooo... I think I shall make this the last time I mention a POTENTIAL spot until I have a DEFINITE spot and a DATE!!! How does that sound? Well, it sounds good to me. Until then I will show you other trailer loveliness! Like this little darling...

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