Monday, August 23, 2010

And here is this...

The tile is being laid... This is a little stage I have built for my vanity to live upon. For my station I picked up a 1930's art deco vanity at an antique store. The kind they made before the invention of the 6 foot woman... And well it was a bit short for me, but that is all sorted now, that I have this sweet little honeycomb platform to elevate the scene.

You called it!

Or maybe not? But if you picked Team America you were right!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

And it's on to the floors!

Here are some sweet shots of the floors starting to illuminate the space! This was a really fun job because it was that instant gradification (you know, that took a few days) sorta job. The difference in the floor before and the floor after was HUGE!!! and it really gave the trailer the feel that YES we are actually getting this baby ready!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The choosing of the damask...

The Damask samples are in... What we have here is Pink Madison, Gold on Gold Heirloom, and a vintage print-Team America... AAAND it's not even close! I have a clear winner already. Can you guess which one?

Hammer and Pearls

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh universe!

Thank you universe! You are too silly and too kind! I found my spot! My perfect spot!!! My lovely spot!!! My spot, my spot, my spot! Holey mesh half shirt, I am soooo beaming with excitment, that you may feel like you just hung out with an A.D.D., tweeny bopper, Chatty Cathy for 4 solid hours at the mall, after reading this post. Sorry to wipe you out, but bottled up this excitetment could very well kill me! Sooo... OMG! OMG! OMG! OMFG!!!! This spot, people, is better then I could have dreamed and it was paiteiently waiting right under my nose for me to realize it was the one. Litteraly right acrossed the street from the spot I thought I loved. This story is seriousley so "Pretty In Pink"! I thought I wanted one (not so rad thing) and what I really wanted was right there in front of my face all along, waiting for me to relize it was perfect for me! This spot is amzing and beautiful and rich and famous... Well at least to me it is rich and famous and once our little Holiday moves in it surely will be for reals! The space used to be an old nursery so there are some really cool plants and bamboo growing there and an awesome wrought iron fence and little stone path ways and... Oh!!! This is nearly making me weep with joy to describe it to you and knowing how truly special it is. I can not even believe it! It is just soooo perfect! I wish I had a taken a picture to show you... but actually not really because I want to keep it for myself for a little bit longer, like a budding romance, where you're all giggly and dreamy and you can't stop playing stair eyes with eachother--that's how I feel right now about this spot.I am in love! I love how I can fall madly in love with things and dreams and inspiration and not have to deal with boy drama... This is actually one of my favorite things about being married, you get to fall in mad love with life!!! Ok then, I will now take a breath... And calm down. And focus a bit more on the moment and the tasks to come and for a second come right back on down to earth and once I land just put one foot in front of the other, even though I want to go running full speed ahead directly into the sun!

Thank you for wadding through this shrill of enthusiasum. You people are so kind to take the time to read my slobbery doggy displays of affection... Cute but gross.

Oh Universe!
Thank You!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some before shots

This was pretty close to the beginning... Had already started to investigate the paint as you can see.

In the mean time...

While you patiently wait for all of the prettiness that is/will be Holiday Hair Studio, let me show you the these beauties! Just got a few pics back of the shoot from a couple weeks ago. I posted an iPhone pic a while back but these are the realio dealio... And they turned out stunning! Wouldn't you agree? Photos by Brandon Witzel, Styling by Sarah Van Raden, Hair & Make up by me (Robin Carlisle)


did this really work? I have no idea what picture it even is... Just thought I would try to upload something before I even worte anything because I din't want to rant off in frustration again.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Not so successful was the uploading of photos!!! GRRRR. Lame. Sorry there will be no high notes here, just a water sob session about how f-ing frustrated I am right now at what seams to be malfunction on all levels!!! Someone please tell me what Mercury is up to these days... Because I am sure it is no good! I have been mac-less for the past how ever long it's been--since my powerbook broke down and I have been using a PC and I am so sorry to my dear dears who so gracoiusly gifted it to me but...AHHHHH!!!!! I f-ing hate it!!!! And I am quite certain it hates me too, why else would it taunt me soo! And make stupid fun of my brains all the time!!!!???? So this blog, as a result of me being practically computerless, is slowly dying... No pics of my sweet lovely Holiday (sad, sad face) and as you have seen form previous posts my iphone defaults to WAY too big a picture... And that is nerdy as well... For now I am left to apologize for my apologies... Better days ahead!

A lot has happened...

Since last I wrote. And my hope for this entry is to share it with you all. This may sound like a boring todo list, but make no mistake people... This is a to-DONE list!!! And for me, the horse behind (in this case) the laptop, who is ever so anxiously chomping at the bit to run this race already, jotting this post down and seeing the progress I have made writen down in front of me can only help put things into persective.

So now, before I go further into the part where I am soooo friggin' ready for it to just be "there" already, I'll reflect on how far it's come. Shall we do it in list style? Will this blog format allow for a list style? let's just find out now shall we?


demo complete [X]
dump runs done[X]
new walls up [X]
new ceiling hung [X]
walls painted [X]
doors and windows trimed out [X]
trim painted {x]
new floor in [X]
got shampoo bowl [X]
got new hairchair [X]
chair re-upholstered [X]
got vanity [X]
built platform for vanity [X]
tiled platform [X]
got new hand sink [X]
got fabric [X]
got curtin rods [X]
made curtins [X]
made cusions for bench seat[X]
made pillows [X]
counter top cut out [X]
cabinets- 2 uppers built [X]

So there we have it, I think that is most of what is marked off, not even gonna go into what is left to-do... Makin' like Goerge Castanza here... leaving on a high note. That is if I am successfully able to upload some progress pics.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Demolition Mama

Gross, I know to give myself that title... But what else could I call me? I mean, come on, really? I have been at this project for DAYS now!!! I think I have erned my super hero title?