Friday, August 13, 2010


Not so successful was the uploading of photos!!! GRRRR. Lame. Sorry there will be no high notes here, just a water sob session about how f-ing frustrated I am right now at what seams to be malfunction on all levels!!! Someone please tell me what Mercury is up to these days... Because I am sure it is no good! I have been mac-less for the past how ever long it's been--since my powerbook broke down and I have been using a PC and I am so sorry to my dear dears who so gracoiusly gifted it to me but...AHHHHH!!!!! I f-ing hate it!!!! And I am quite certain it hates me too, why else would it taunt me soo! And make stupid fun of my brains all the time!!!!???? So this blog, as a result of me being practically computerless, is slowly dying... No pics of my sweet lovely Holiday (sad, sad face) and as you have seen form previous posts my iphone defaults to WAY too big a picture... And that is nerdy as well... For now I am left to apologize for my apologies... Better days ahead!

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