Thursday, May 24, 2012

New bangs!

So I have got new bangs and I love them!... So much!!! they are all hi chopped up in the middle and curtain-y on the sides, they are funny little things that I love! I feel like these little bangs just open up my face and give my hair the sass that the misery of a grow out is usually lacking. So, they are a little art school (I am a painter after all) and they do resemble my kindergarten picture when I cut my bangs myself, super special, just for picture day, but I LOVE THEM!!!! It is amazing how a little change can make my face feel alive again... I was suffering from a serious case of dead face... I know that doesn't sound very attractive, and it is not, not attractive at all, but I calls it like I sees it folks... But now I am, if I don't say so myself, feeling rather cute with my crooked little bang job. I have a lightness around the fringe and a hop in ma' step! I am ready to take on the sunshine!

Golden Rule

This is a beautiful image from a shoot I did hair and makeup for, for Golden Rule... One of Portland's most original stores EVER and the largset personal collection of rare vintage I have ever seen... Sadly, it now, exists solely on the internet.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Coastal Shoot

Here are some pictures of a shoot from last year on the Oregon coast. Wardrobe by a dear friend and an amazing talent--one of my favorite Portland Stylist, Sarah Van Raden for Swanson Studios shot by Tyler Ashlock

Friday, May 4, 2012

Why I love to cut curly hair

Here is what I can do for your curls... Or rather here is what I LOVE to do for your curls. I love to take a massive block of curly hair and set it free... It is like it starts out as a heavy hunk of wood and I sculpt it into a beautiful work of art. I love to take each tress and make it it's own shining superstar. Bouncing forth radiating light loveliness around your beautiful face... In a happy head celebration bouncing, cheering and marching it's freedom dance. Too much? Did I lay it on too thick? Am I'm SPIRALING out of control here with my elaboration? Because, honestly, I don't think I have quite yet conveyed my fondness for your coils! No seriously, I have been called the curl whisperer... Just saying someone (other than me) did say that. It is probably because I love them so much, so I just know how to talk to these babies! Is it like I am a used car sales man with this schpeal? sorry about that, but my enthusiasum is real and my abilities... Also... Real. I just have to say one last time, I love um' I love those crazy curls!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DREAM client, meet hair LOVE!!!

Calling all dream clients... Which I do currently have MANY of, but as I build my client base I want to fill my entire books with JUST you lovely ladies... There I said it, my dream clients are LADIES, and yes, they are lovely. Who are you exactly? My dreamies??? Well... YOU are fun!!! (<<-- as exampled by the exclamation marks) YOU may be a little funky... But you also like to express your natural beauty. YOU are creative in your style and are current with the trends... But you don't just hop on any old fad... It has to make sense to you, and you dig it because YOU dig it! YOU are easy... It is not that I am lazy and I want to sleep on the job, but it's that I enjoy a light heart, and someone who is into trying new things, to me, that is easy. YOU are interesting... I love hearing about the lives of my clients! If you are shy, that's ok too, as long as you are nice. When it comes to your hair you are willing to do a little bit of work to make it look awesome but you are free enough to let the cut work for you, all on it's own, from time to time. When it comes to color, you are looking for someone to copy cat nature, like you wintered over Down Under and came out looking like a 6 year old (golden and sunkissed). YOU are regular (we are not talking bran muffin regular), you come in often enough so that I don't have to scream at you, intervention style, for the wreckage we have to deal with during your yearly visit (really though, I just hate to miss my favorite peeps--a year is a long, long time). YOU will do the outside work, meaning if you sizzle-fry the bejeezus out of your tresses on the daily... Please use a heat protectant... I know this sounds like I am your gym teacher telling you to practice safe sex, but seriously... You will thank me for it later. I get giddy when I see you on the books because you are super awesome and I love to play with your hair. So there it is, you are my dream... And if you posses even three of these traits, well, I think we will get along great! Now a little about me... ME: I am fun too!!! I am skilled, experienced and passionate about hair styling. I love my job and I truly value my clients. I love nature and art and to me hair is a mixture of these things. I am creative and sculptural, and use your natural assets as my inspiration. I see hairstyling as a three dimensional art form, and each head of hair as my unique art piece. I am a pretty good listener, and am all about the consultation. I offer a complimentary bang trim between appointments... So you don't murder your fringe in the meantime. I appreciate your support and your confidence in my styling abilities
. I look forward to meeting you!