Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday is on Holiday!

Our little Holiday is off on her own tonight awaiting her procedures. We saw her off this afternoon, followed her to the garage and drew up her plans with the man. Next time we see her she will be oh-so-ready-to-go! I am sort of freaking out about this, I can't believe we have made it this far. We have worked (what feels like ) forever to get to this point... Knowing that when she comes back she could move right in to her new home and be ready to go is really insane to me! Now we patiently wait for the notice of acceptance, the one that says, "CONGRATULATIONS!!!, you pretty thing, we want to you to come live with us Holiday!... Oh, and, won't you stay for good?"
You know? Something along those likes...


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bon Voyage Holiday! Have a wonderful time!

She is all cleared out and ready for her first voyage into the world. Tomorrow she will be hauled away on a flat bed to the doctors office (Trailer garage) to be wired, plumed, and have the propane lines replaced... I found a shop that has been doing a lot of the food carts and is privy to all the requirements for inspection/permitting of the vending carts, and they are going to make our Holiday Hair Studio too legit too quit! This afternoon my husband and I removed the vanity and anything else that would break my heart if it fell and broke. As well as all of the evidence of the work we have done in there, all of the tools, buckets of paint, knob choices, wallpaper samples, and little bits and pieces I have collected over the months... Which included four different tea kettles... ??? Like I have room for four tea pots? Not that I am going to use all four kettles but a girl has to have choices right? It is nice to see the space cleared out and open, ready to be filled back in with what is really going to be there when she returns...Like, Just ONE tea pot!!! The curtains, bench cushions and pillows will all be going in when she comes back. The light fixture will have brand new wires and will be installed upon her return! I will even be able to hang pictures and will probably end up stocking her shelves and displaying products when she gets done getting done, as well, even though I will have to un-stock and take down displays when we get the final call to move into our fabulous new home... But until then I will just have to play salon in my sweety-spot little space.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anchor me home...

Still no news on the spot... And my zen is going away... It is actually welling up in my chest and pushing up through my throat and out of my face in the form of tears... Big ones, big sad longing tears. Back to the love story analogy: It is like the boy you are crushed to pieces over hasn't called you in weeks and you just know in your guts that he isn't into you. But you can't figure out why. You thought it was a perfect fit and now you love him even more... While he probably moved on the minute that first and only date ended. I am feeling completely crushed here people... Over the not knowing... Over having to potentially give up the dream spot if I am to move forward in any kind of reasonable time frame. I just want it all to fall right together please! I can not wait to be in it! Inside that magic little cart, in her perfect little home, doing hair in the cozy glow, while laughing with client-friends, meeting new ones, and inviting them in to share the warmth... It is pretty agonizing to have to wait and see just how it is all going to unfold...

BUT! There is a little light a-twinklin'... Yonder at the tunnel's end.(please note that is not how I really speak) The trailer is not completely done yet so there is still time. On Monday it is going to make it's first voyage out into the world as the rolling styling cart. She'll be off to get her guts all done up. A trip to the electrician and plumber to be made whole!!! So sometime after next week she should seriously be ready to go!!! This is very exciting news in case you didn't know that already! So there is that to put a sparkle in my smile. And along those lines, I have said it before, I am taking the field of dreams approach... That is to say I am going with a, "If You Build It, They Will Come" modo... But mine is more like, If I build her, her home will be waiting when she is done! So for now that is my plan!

Lot Of Dreams!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am being patient...

Just waiting for the universe to catch up!... Or maybe it is waiting for me to slow down. Whatever the case, I am, now, zen about the placement of my lovely Holiday. I know that all is in alignment. Perfection is what we have here... I mean what else is there? I could go off on some funny(ish), wordy rant about how my grandchildren are going to cut the ribbon on this baby... Or How, by the time I get placed the cart craze is going to be dead in the water and I am just gonna look like some trashy old gypsy lady... And I mean old because, well, it is taking FOREVER! But really, even those are dumb, in genuine examples because I am truly at peace with the process... I do believe it is all just right exactly as it is. And part of that is not knowing when (or potentially even where) we will finally be. But I know that it is perfect and that is all, I guess, I need to know for now. Back to visualizing... Ooo I can see her now in her cozy little nook of this magical city!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sneak Peek

This is just a really cool moody pic of the space in process that I wanted to share with you all.

The Palest Pink To Ever Take a girls Breath Away!


Now introducing... The Stage!

Sure a 1930's vanity is charming... But trim it with bobbley bulbs and you now have MAGIC!!!! Seriously? Uhhh!! Too F-ing Cute, right?... Well, I sure do like at least!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I am now just spilling my own beans!

I think that I just have to spill the whole dang pot of molten legumes right here on my pretty new blog layout. As usual we, my woodworker (husband) and I, are working like ferrets to get it all together... A little of this here a little of that there, in spurts and fits and mulling it all over in between. But golly how fancy she is looking!!! I must give you a sneak peak... It kinda feels the same as when I was pregnant and my pharmacist asked me, "if my belly button was sticking out yet", and I went right ahead and lifted my dress up to see... Oh yeah, I was in the middle of the drugstore ... I just felt kinda like a school bus at that point--nothing private nor potentially sexy about me then, just a big ol' vessel to haul around kids!... Ok now, that wasn't a tangent-- I simulate that situation to this because I am just so excited about every new development that I can't wait to share!

SOOO... Here is the latest development. My exquisite new shampoo bowl standing a proud 40" tall! Yes, that's right, my first ever tall-enough-shampoo-bowl. Not to mention, the thing is stunning, if I do say so myself. And fits perfectly in it's new home.