Saturday, October 30, 2010

The countdown begins!

And by countdown I am not necessarily saying that I have an exact date... BUT if I don't start counting now, I just might explode! So we will count today as #1 and we will just keep counting until I open the doors of Holiday Hair Studio in that perfect spot!

As I grow nearer and nearer to the completion of the trailer I find it harder and harder to breath... It's like I have caught a wish inside my mouth and I don't want it to escape with my breath. I can't believe it is happening--I should believe it--we have spent 5 months solid working on the darn gal! But it is getting so close!... I can picture it all! Every detail of it, as if it were right here right now! I can't wait to spend Portland's watery winters hulled up, with a pare of scissors, inside my magic little cart... Bringing brightness and beauty into the grayness of my clients long winter days. Laughing and chatting and making them so pretty!

So then, we count and breath and we arrive at magic...