Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ahh?... Button Much???

I have the cutest clients EVER! And this one just happens to be the owner of one very tiny, very lovely, very PORTLAND... Vintage Shop. That... Is in a trailer... Wanderlust! But then, I am not telling you anything NYLON magazine hasn't already told you.

SO, meet Vanessa (again). She is the sweet-sweet owner and vintage scout aboard the wonderful Wanderlust Mobile Shop. Currently located on NE Alberta & 21st, and open during the hours of 11-6 on Saturdays and 11-4 on Sundays. AND on last Thursday 4-9... Which happens to coenside with... TONIGHT!!!!! GO to there!... Buy a vintage dress than come to me and I will do you up all sixties like!

Vanessa came into Holiday this afternoon and went from long hair to Bob length, and if I may say, just one more time, she looks so cute! I totally need to start documenting the sweetness that walks out of my shop! That really does need to happen. I must share these beauties with the world, not hog their transformations all to myself ...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another doozy...

Of a bluesy 60's do!!!

Eeek! I love these.

Best stylist for curly hair, Portland, Or!!!

I Know I post on this a lot... AND I am sorry that I am titling this one to appease the Google gods, but what can I say?... I am titling (and writing this) to appease the google gods.

Here is why... I LOVE TO CUT CURLY HAIR! I have said it once and I will say it probably one thousand more times!!!!

This Girl... Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair! Loves to cut curly hair!

Is this starting to seem like The Shining to you? Sorry about that... I am really, truly just trying to get you, my curly haired maiden, into the correct hair chair. Like a trail of bread crumbs, Gretel, my only wish is to lead you home... I do not want you to have to visit some creepy old witch in a candy coated house before you find your way.

Okay, it is for me too, and my love for those which are your bouncy tresses!!!

If you are one to google such things as curly hair cutter in Portland, Portland curl cutter, Portland Oregon curly girl extraordinaire..

Oooor something along the lines of, Curly hair specialist, or Wave tamer, or Best stylist for curly hair, expert curl cutter, curly hair cut master, wave wizard, mermaid maker, Big hair bigwig, Curl boss... You know? If you have curly hair and you need a stylist with the know how to treat your beauties right, then, I hope, my dear, that the google gods send you my way with your waves.

(Wow, that was a bit much)

Maryanne Faithfull!

That hair and face!?!? What? It's too much.

She is such a button! I can't stop starring... I know it probably has something to do with the photo quality, but I am loving this haircolor... And the cut too!!! The cute little undies shot may have something to do with the whole mystique as well.

Monday, August 22, 2011

On Being a Business Lady

Doing Hair is fun! So much fun! Talking to clients is really a special aspect of my job too... Like, as equally as important to me as the sculpting of hair... But you know what I never knew that I was going to LOVE? The business part. Running a business is a lot of work! There are so many details that you need to consider and nurture and take care of on a regular basis, and well, I love doing those things now too??? This sounds crazy to myself, I never thought I was this way, inclined towards these "boring" aspects of running the show, but, huh? I am!

I love the feeling of being on top of it, of embracing the mundane order! And quite frankly getting shit done!

I used to say I was a double right brained glitter tornado, spattering my sparkles everywhere, but leaving a ridiculous mess behind.

Not any more. Now I am a deliberate and focused powerhouse of a business woman.

See the difference?


(someone left me this song on Facebook when I was commenting on such matters -- I thought it was perfect!!! I could not stop grinning--ear to ear! About the cheesiness and the accuracy... And so I have made it my theme song)

Isn't she pretty?

I just like to make her picture from time to time, to remind you all of just how adorable she is...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Primping in the trailer, treats in the yard!

It has been a busy week 'round these parts! Among many firsts this week, I hosted a little wedding party at Holiday Hair Studio... It was the hottest day of the year but somehow we still managed to do ok!

I did hair and make-up for a Proud Mother, an Adoring Mother-in-Law, and The BEAUTIFUL Bride! And yes these are quite accurate titles (not just niceties). They were a really sweet trio! The mom was just about the cutest (tiniest) thing I had ever seen, out from New York! The Mother-in-law-to-be, being from the Midwest, Somewhere, I know she said, but I apparently can't be bothered with remembering any place between the two coasts (100 jerk points for me), anyway, she was just ticked with the whole trailer vibe and how whimsical everything was. She was snapping pictures galore!. There was a crazy punk-ish country band blasting out Billy Bragg covers and other great toe tappin' numbers from across the street at the Grill Cheese Grill... I set the ladies up in my shaded little garden with fruit and cheese and Crema treats! They seemed quite comfortable despite the heat, everyone who slithered by melting in the sun commented about how they wished that were their spot (kinda cute). I liked that the ladies just got to sit and chat for a while in forced relaxation before the big event.

The Bride looked really amazing!!! She made my work look easy, because she came in with all the right stuff... Meaning she just is naturally SO PRETTY.

In the end they all looked gorgeous, (if I do say so ma'self!).

And next thing I knew, they were rushing off to make big things happen...

Congratulations to the new couple!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

These are just stunning!

Here is a collection of stollen pixels that stole my heart! I am obviously mad about 60's hair do's and editorial shots... I do happen to like pretty faces too! What can I say I LOVE beauty!!!!

70's Hair Inspiration

I did 60's last week, so I will do 70's hair this week. Because yes, ladies, some far-out hair do's came out of that era.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I must admit...

I did start tugging on my face when I turned 30... All too soon if you ask me. But it was bound to happen... I guess? I mean I am in the beauty business and the rules seem quite clear.

I hate that I was looking for a younger version of myself, wrenching away at my stories like every laugh and every cry had only amounted to burden on my face. I love to laugh most! And I probably love to cry second only to laughing... To want to banish their traces from my face just seemed wrong to me.

So when I saw this image, this picture of a woman, it nearly took my breath away... Her beauty was startling. She is stunning isn't she?! Not in the glamorous (non)sense, but in the for real sense! BEAUTIFUL, every line, every crack, her expressions show, her stories are told... Not just told but they shine.

This is how I want to do it, This is how I want to live and look and celebrate life. With laughs lingering and my sadness held by the chub that is left in my checks. With clear eyes that tell you that I have LIVED and that I do LOVE the human form and protective layers that have shuffled be about this amazing world.

I want to share my stories, not deny my age.

(says the 31 year old...)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Short Hair Inspiration

Some of my all time favorite haircuts that I have ever done, have been taking people on their very first short haired adventures. When you help a client cross over to the short side, who has never been there, but who was meant to go there, stay there and live there forever, it is one of the best feelings. When you and the client realize together that they are a short haired person!!!! It really is profound. You know those people, who are just meant to be short haired, who look way better in short hair, who were meant to have it all along... And somehow, when the finally get it, even their identity shines forth just a little stronger because of it?

I am gonna have to go with celebs as my examples because if I say, "you know like Blythe, wasn't she just meant for short hair?" You would be like, "who??? Blythe, the 70's doll???" And I would be like, "NO! My client, silly."
Hence we resort to celebrity pedestal-ing.

Not that these ladies couldn't, in fact, wear garbage on their heads and still look great, but the point is, is that they were, in my opinion, made for short hair, and long hair just doesn't do them quite the same justice.

So for my all time favorite and my long time obsession (seems like a good place to start) Jean Sebearg- So classy, striking and probably the most feminine lady that ever lived... And her head was nearly buzzed!

Sharon Stone-- Lets face it, the lady is a total sass-a-frass in her little shorties, and the longer it gets the more she starts to blend in with all the other Tinsel Town beauties.

Natalie Portman-- This one is debatable-- Only because she is beyond beautiful, even with long hair, but there is something about taking the hair short that lets you rest on just her face. And why would you ever want to draw your attention anywhere else (I mean this lady does have brains too- to divert the attention for a tiny second-Harvard grad brains at that).

Winona Ryder-- Classic example! Meant for short hair! Am I right?

The list could go on Jamie Lee Curtis, Halle Berry, Senna Miller... And I could add countless clients of mine to the list as well.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

We saw Adele...

My Husband bought my 4 year old and I Adele tickets for Valentines Day, way back in February, and we just went and saw her at the Edgefeild last night.

She was incredible.
Normally we go to small shows where you can go sit at the bar and say hi to the band and tell them personally how you like their sound and their shoes and which song is your favorite... But this was HUGE!

This woman (like I am telling you anything new?) Is wildly talented!!!

Her voice was like Velvet Butta'... Seriously too??? She was singing like she could have just been folding the laundry or looking through a magazine while getting a pedi... SO FRIGGIN' EFFORTLESS... Like she just does it all the time?

Voice like an angle, no biggie. Crushing peoples minds with ma' voice, no biggie. Exploding peoples hearts & souls with ma' songs, no biggie.

Just sitting in ma' chair singing my songs... No biggie!


I was sitting on the lawn with my kid and my mister and all of the sudden she started singing from behind the curtain and instantly, even before I knew she was singing I had solid streams of tears rushing down my face.
Unbeannounced to me... I was crying.

That is how powerful her voice was. It evoked an involuntary physical reaction from me. I am just glad it was crying and not stabbing myself in the face, or something dangerous like that, that is how little control I had over the situation.

I had Tear-etts. (10 nerd points for "tear-etts")

Amazing, amazing.

And OMG is she HOT!!! Gorgeous!!! Stunning, sexy, funny! She had it all going on!

I am not really the star struck type but I am Struck deeply by beauty, and she was all kinds of beautiful!!!

Still feeling it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gift Certificates are in the house... Trailer!!!!

We got our new Gift Certificates and Menus in today and they all look awesome! The gift certificate has our damask wallpaper print on the backside and of course all the important 411 on the front.

You can even order HOLIDAY GIFT CERTIFICATE online!!!!

The price Menus have all of our services/prices listed on one side and they have a spot gloss treatment of our damask, plus our logo on the other side, and it looks so so SO COOL!!! I love the spot gloss, if you do not know what that means, it just means that they put a shiny varnish over just certain spots, laid down in a pattern, in this case the pattern was our wallpaper. so there is only one color involved, but two different textures/sheens to give it a super cool, picture-like effect.

So a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Murmur Creative for designing our stuff!!! It looks awesome Andrew!

And Cedar House Media our printer, did and great job too.

I must say that the first time that all of our stuff came back (from Cedar House), it was kinda (way) off in color and they were so gracious in reprinting it ALL... 2,500 pieces in total, Re-done for free, because I was not happy with how it turned out. Granted there were some REAL print issues, it was just so easy to have them fix them. So easy to work with!
It made me love them even more!

I only have crummy dimly lit iPhone pictures of the stuff right now, but I will put them up anyway... And tomorrow in the day I will get better pics.

60's Hair Inspiration

Searching around the wonderful web for some 60's hair inspiration for an up coming shoot. Here are some of the boufy little treasures that I found. I have said this before, but I love 60's hair, especially these looks.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Ode To Curly Haircuts !!!

I LOVE to cut curly hair. Love it!

It is so sculptural and artistic.
I like to treat each curl as an individual personality and I shift and shape them into the best curls they can be... The curls they were meant to be. And what we end up with when they all gather together is a fabulous party atop your head!

With wavy and curly hair there is so much potential and possibility for play, for me the artist as well as for the hair itself. Definitely my favorite texture of hair to get all up in.

Not only that but it is so super surprising how many curly haired clients have never had a decent cut, one that takes their curly needs into consideration! It is pretty gratifying when you give a 35 year old woman her first great haircut.
That is a groovy kind of love! For everyone involved. Really, you seam to them, a miracle worker... But perhaps, in real life, you are just good at your job.

That is my rant for today.

Thanks for reading!

Feather extensions in Portland, OR.

You may have noticed a little trend about town... Or the nation. Not too sure if this little trend has gone world wide, but it certainly is popular with the gals 'round these parts. And that trend is one of Feathers! Hair feathers! Most commonly known as feather extensions... That is right FEATHERS IN YOUR HAIR! I have written a little about this in the past, but lately I have been getting a lot of requests and luckily I have a huge stash of feathers, baby! For just the occasion. I am even getting ready to hand dye a batch. The Feathers I have are Northwest grown and come from a responsible source. I have been asked not to share this info, due to the overwhelming popularity and strain on the feather industry due to this quirky little crazy. But I must say that out of all of the feathers that I have seen. These ones that I have are so lush and healthy looking. The ones at the beauty supply store are just sadly, sad compared to these beauties. And tomorrow I am going to have red ones that fade to pink and lavender and teal striped ones and who knows what other colors? But I am pretty excited to get to some hand dyeing of feathers tomorrow! Yipee!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

I apologize if I missed you...

Over the weekend I was out of the studio because some of my favorite people on the planet were staying with us. We call each other our Chosen Family and we are crazy connected. It is quite an amazing thing to have found such kindred spirits in the world. I am just so blessed to have these people in my life. I am sharing this because this is good information to have in case you happened to have stopped by Holiday on Saturday and were sad to see the gate was shut. Sorry I missed you, but I was out having a freakin' blast!... AND...Also... Give a call and I will try to fit you in this week if you'd like.

As we were gallivanting around this fair city we ran into seven different clients of mine and each time it was a joy to see them living in their fresh new dos! And each time a was met with an abundance of gratitude about the work I had done and about how great these clients felt... This may sound horn honky, and yes, I may do that from time to time, but I was truly baffled by the effect I was having in each of these ladies lives. And on a daily basis??? I was helping to make these people feel good about them selves???? WOW! That is really an honor! It truly felt like I was doing something important, like the work that I do is a part of the solution. Can hairstyling really make the world a better place. And the answer to this, in these moments of interaction, was crystal clear...YES! It can! Quite simply, when you are following your heart and your dreams you are healing the world.

I really do feel that this is true, and this IS my intention, but it was really special to be able to see it happening in real time. I rarely get to see beyond the chair, so, like I said, this was a special treat for me to see the hair I had done being appreciated by the lovelies who were rocking it out there in the world. And may I just say... MY CLIENTS ARE SO FLIPPING CUTE?!? Can I say that???? Because you are all just freakishly adorable! I love you gals!


Thank You.