Saturday, August 13, 2011

We saw Adele...

My Husband bought my 4 year old and I Adele tickets for Valentines Day, way back in February, and we just went and saw her at the Edgefeild last night.

She was incredible.
Normally we go to small shows where you can go sit at the bar and say hi to the band and tell them personally how you like their sound and their shoes and which song is your favorite... But this was HUGE!

This woman (like I am telling you anything new?) Is wildly talented!!!

Her voice was like Velvet Butta'... Seriously too??? She was singing like she could have just been folding the laundry or looking through a magazine while getting a pedi... SO FRIGGIN' EFFORTLESS... Like she just does it all the time?

Voice like an angle, no biggie. Crushing peoples minds with ma' voice, no biggie. Exploding peoples hearts & souls with ma' songs, no biggie.

Just sitting in ma' chair singing my songs... No biggie!


I was sitting on the lawn with my kid and my mister and all of the sudden she started singing from behind the curtain and instantly, even before I knew she was singing I had solid streams of tears rushing down my face.
Unbeannounced to me... I was crying.

That is how powerful her voice was. It evoked an involuntary physical reaction from me. I am just glad it was crying and not stabbing myself in the face, or something dangerous like that, that is how little control I had over the situation.

I had Tear-etts. (10 nerd points for "tear-etts")

Amazing, amazing.

And OMG is she HOT!!! Gorgeous!!! Stunning, sexy, funny! She had it all going on!

I am not really the star struck type but I am Struck deeply by beauty, and she was all kinds of beautiful!!!

Still feeling it.