Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gift Certificates are in the house... Trailer!!!!

We got our new Gift Certificates and Menus in today and they all look awesome! The gift certificate has our damask wallpaper print on the backside and of course all the important 411 on the front.

You can even order HOLIDAY GIFT CERTIFICATE online!!!!

The price Menus have all of our services/prices listed on one side and they have a spot gloss treatment of our damask, plus our logo on the other side, and it looks so so SO COOL!!! I love the spot gloss, if you do not know what that means, it just means that they put a shiny varnish over just certain spots, laid down in a pattern, in this case the pattern was our wallpaper. so there is only one color involved, but two different textures/sheens to give it a super cool, picture-like effect.

So a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Murmur Creative for designing our stuff!!! It looks awesome Andrew!

And Cedar House Media our printer, did and great job too.

I must say that the first time that all of our stuff came back (from Cedar House), it was kinda (way) off in color and they were so gracious in reprinting it ALL... 2,500 pieces in total, Re-done for free, because I was not happy with how it turned out. Granted there were some REAL print issues, it was just so easy to have them fix them. So easy to work with!
It made me love them even more!

I only have crummy dimly lit iPhone pictures of the stuff right now, but I will put them up anyway... And tomorrow in the day I will get better pics.