Monday, August 1, 2011

I apologize if I missed you...

Over the weekend I was out of the studio because some of my favorite people on the planet were staying with us. We call each other our Chosen Family and we are crazy connected. It is quite an amazing thing to have found such kindred spirits in the world. I am just so blessed to have these people in my life. I am sharing this because this is good information to have in case you happened to have stopped by Holiday on Saturday and were sad to see the gate was shut. Sorry I missed you, but I was out having a freakin' blast!... AND...Also... Give a call and I will try to fit you in this week if you'd like.

As we were gallivanting around this fair city we ran into seven different clients of mine and each time it was a joy to see them living in their fresh new dos! And each time a was met with an abundance of gratitude about the work I had done and about how great these clients felt... This may sound horn honky, and yes, I may do that from time to time, but I was truly baffled by the effect I was having in each of these ladies lives. And on a daily basis??? I was helping to make these people feel good about them selves???? WOW! That is really an honor! It truly felt like I was doing something important, like the work that I do is a part of the solution. Can hairstyling really make the world a better place. And the answer to this, in these moments of interaction, was crystal clear...YES! It can! Quite simply, when you are following your heart and your dreams you are healing the world.

I really do feel that this is true, and this IS my intention, but it was really special to be able to see it happening in real time. I rarely get to see beyond the chair, so, like I said, this was a special treat for me to see the hair I had done being appreciated by the lovelies who were rocking it out there in the world. And may I just say... MY CLIENTS ARE SO FLIPPING CUTE?!? Can I say that???? Because you are all just freakishly adorable! I love you gals!


Thank You.