Monday, August 15, 2011

Short Hair Inspiration

Some of my all time favorite haircuts that I have ever done, have been taking people on their very first short haired adventures. When you help a client cross over to the short side, who has never been there, but who was meant to go there, stay there and live there forever, it is one of the best feelings. When you and the client realize together that they are a short haired person!!!! It really is profound. You know those people, who are just meant to be short haired, who look way better in short hair, who were meant to have it all along... And somehow, when the finally get it, even their identity shines forth just a little stronger because of it?

I am gonna have to go with celebs as my examples because if I say, "you know like Blythe, wasn't she just meant for short hair?" You would be like, "who??? Blythe, the 70's doll???" And I would be like, "NO! My client, silly."
Hence we resort to celebrity pedestal-ing.

Not that these ladies couldn't, in fact, wear garbage on their heads and still look great, but the point is, is that they were, in my opinion, made for short hair, and long hair just doesn't do them quite the same justice.

So for my all time favorite and my long time obsession (seems like a good place to start) Jean Sebearg- So classy, striking and probably the most feminine lady that ever lived... And her head was nearly buzzed!

Sharon Stone-- Lets face it, the lady is a total sass-a-frass in her little shorties, and the longer it gets the more she starts to blend in with all the other Tinsel Town beauties.

Natalie Portman-- This one is debatable-- Only because she is beyond beautiful, even with long hair, but there is something about taking the hair short that lets you rest on just her face. And why would you ever want to draw your attention anywhere else (I mean this lady does have brains too- to divert the attention for a tiny second-Harvard grad brains at that).

Winona Ryder-- Classic example! Meant for short hair! Am I right?

The list could go on Jamie Lee Curtis, Halle Berry, Senna Miller... And I could add countless clients of mine to the list as well.