Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Ode To Curly Haircuts !!!

I LOVE to cut curly hair. Love it!

It is so sculptural and artistic.
I like to treat each curl as an individual personality and I shift and shape them into the best curls they can be... The curls they were meant to be. And what we end up with when they all gather together is a fabulous party atop your head!

With wavy and curly hair there is so much potential and possibility for play, for me the artist as well as for the hair itself. Definitely my favorite texture of hair to get all up in.

Not only that but it is so super surprising how many curly haired clients have never had a decent cut, one that takes their curly needs into consideration! It is pretty gratifying when you give a 35 year old woman her first great haircut.
That is a groovy kind of love! For everyone involved. Really, you seam to them, a miracle worker... But perhaps, in real life, you are just good at your job.

That is my rant for today.

Thanks for reading!