Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I must admit...

I did start tugging on my face when I turned 30... All too soon if you ask me. But it was bound to happen... I guess? I mean I am in the beauty business and the rules seem quite clear.

I hate that I was looking for a younger version of myself, wrenching away at my stories like every laugh and every cry had only amounted to burden on my face. I love to laugh most! And I probably love to cry second only to laughing... To want to banish their traces from my face just seemed wrong to me.

So when I saw this image, this picture of a woman, it nearly took my breath away... Her beauty was startling. She is stunning isn't she?! Not in the glamorous (non)sense, but in the for real sense! BEAUTIFUL, every line, every crack, her expressions show, her stories are told... Not just told but they shine.

This is how I want to do it, This is how I want to live and look and celebrate life. With laughs lingering and my sadness held by the chub that is left in my checks. With clear eyes that tell you that I have LIVED and that I do LOVE the human form and protective layers that have shuffled be about this amazing world.

I want to share my stories, not deny my age.

(says the 31 year old...)