Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ombre` Haircolor...

OK, I am just mad about this hair! You may have seen it here and there dappled throughout your city on the hip and with-it young set and all over the mags on the heads of trend setting celebs galore!!! It is called Ombre` Haircolor and I don't think I have fallen this hard for Drew Barrymore since I was 13 and and Mad Love and Boys On The Side were on strict rotation in my VHS player. Lots of celebs are sporting this look but none are rocking it quite as smashingly as Drew!!! I love this two tone, full-on blonde... but not, look. It starts dark at the roots and fades to blonde at the ends! And get this... It is anything but trashy! It is more surfer chick or 70's hippy mama au' natureal... It works especially well when pared with big lose lazy curls, to create a dreamy mermaid look.

I LOVE THIS HAIRSTYLE and I am having SOOO much fun making this magic happen on the heads on my clients! If you are looking for a change and want something that is fresh and fun and super current, then come in to Holiday and we can give you this flirty little style. Spring is the prefect time to transition into this gradient look.
Oh! And did I mention it is a super low maintenance?
It is! So easy to maintain.

I had no idea this was going to turn into an add, but really it's genuine! I just love making this particular style on hair so really I just want to play!!!

See you soon!

Monday, April 11, 2011



(Tues 4/12 ~ Sat 4/16)

I will be moving (my home--NOT the hair studio), so the regular walk-in hours are not going to be available. But I will be making appointments. So If you want to get in to see me than YOU MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!!! By calling (503) 516-9115 or emailing me at

Other then that, things should be back to normal next week and I will be at the shop regular hours!

Thanks lovelies!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

I have tomorrow free!

Hello lovelies!

I have the afternoon tomorrow (April 8th between 1 and 5) completely OPEN! Please come in and fill the space with your pretty face!!!!!... And your hair... but I couldn't say that, it didn't rhyme.

But really come in and I will brush your hair and tell you how pretty you are! No really, that is what I do! It's ma' job! And I love it!

Or... If you have not yet seen the magic little trailer that is Holiday... Then you must just come to see it! I will be baking cookies, in the tiniest oven you ever did see! lets have tea and cookies on the deck in the sun!

If there is rain we can cozy down inside and listen to edith Piaf through the pitter-patter!!!

Come join! It will be fun!!!