Saturday, January 2, 2016

It's Been a While My Friend... (where does all of that time slip off too?)

Here's to breathing back a little life into this blog of mine. So much has gone on since last we spoke, instead of going to all of it, or any of it really I will just use this space to say hello again. Hello again! I do love blindlessly writing into outer space though, I know that sounds sarcastic but it is true (wow I just wrote that "Blindlessly"--not a word but I am keeping it, and making it one, because, I kind of LOVE it! It means, you know, Since I just made it up, I should probably give it a definition as well, right? It means; with much awareness) I can practice writing to the great masses, with the knowledge that it is actually just the beloved few, and the occasional stumbler, that are my actual audience. If you are new here, like, if you should have just happen to have followed that shimmer of a silver of light reflecting the line of this here web thread, welcome to my blog! It is a blog mostly about my sparkly little hair salon in Southeast Portland, the one in Oregon. And also I share a nice array of random on here as well. About my life. My opinions. Funny thoughts I have (or at least I think they are funny)and things I think are pretty. Just Hello again! That is all. And welcome! How about I leave you with Audrey TauTou, because how can you go wrong there? Soon i may have something real to share. Yes soon I will have something real.