Saturday, March 26, 2011

Can I just say... That I love this place?

Really, truly I do! It is the coziest most snuggly little bug of a solon... PLACE ever! I can not believe I get to be in this pretty little magic cart in the warm glow of twinkly lights, smelling the yummiest scents, listening to darling melodies, brushing the silkiest hair and talking to really, really lovely people! Seriously? Seriously... Jerks do not come here. It is WAY to cute, a jerk would not know what to do with it's self... Totally jerk proof. I am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world... And yes that may be super irritating to you, but come on people, it's true. Just look at this flippin' place. You can come here too! I actually want you to... There is magic enough to share! With everybody! So come in and see me, sit for a while, tell me your stories and I will brush your hair!

Holiday movie on OregonLIve!

Check out the sweet little movie made by Faith Cathcart on the Oregonian website, OregonLive! The movie is sweet the still that they chose essentially as their title page is SOUR! I can not believe the shot they chose... It is like the didn't even look at it! Or they are trying to get freak show clicks... Like people are going to click to see what my freak show of a problem is. Anyway despite their effort to thwart my sharing of this link... Here it is, the Holiday Hair Studio Movie on Oregon Live

Friday, March 25, 2011

First. Live. Loco!

That coverage was crazy! Our little story on FOX this morning was awesome! Here is a link to the feature on Good Day Oregon... Thanks to Brooke Carlson and, I am so dumb to not remember his name, but our lovely and adorable camera man (those are two things men like to be called, right? Lovely and adorable?--Again, blowing it) anyway it was super fun to get to hang out with these two and talk about Holiday. Off camera they were just as sweet. If you missed it you can link to it now, here...
Holiday Hair Studio segment on Good Day Oregon

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

15 minutes... Of dorkiness!

Holiday is going to be on MORE, GoodDay Oregon... I am styling reporter, Brooke Carlson's hair in a quick little plug on Fox this Friday, March 25th at 9am... In case I have, not told you, MOM! I am gonna be on the news!... No, but really it is kind of exciting!!! I am sure I will be mortified by it, as I always am when I have to "act"/"preform"/be on the other side of a camera. But hopefully it will be worth the humiliation and will bring in some new peeps to the shop!

Thanks for letting me toot my little fog horn!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Moroccanoil, to Mo-ROCK your world!

Really? Is that what I titled this post??? sorry about that, sometimes I can not help my dorkiness.
But Really is will Rock your little ol' socks! I love this stuff and sooo... I sell it at Holiday Hair Studio! Because I believe in MOROCCANOIL! It is kind of a religion.

If you have never tried it, I want you to! So come in and I will give you a FREE deep conditioning treatment with this stuff when you book a haircut appointment at Holiday. You really must this stuff in your hair!

That's it.