Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday is moving on up!!!!!

Hello sweet readers! I am so excited to announce that Holiday Hair Studio will be making a huge transition with in the next couple of months...

Holiday the cart will be spouting into Holiday the real, big girl, grown up Salon... In a building!!!!

If you have not yet had the pleasure of climbing aboard the cart for your cut, now is the time to do it!
We are still taking appointments from now until February 1st at the cart location!

I will be a little sad to see the cart get re purposes.. But it will still be used as a salon, on a day rental basis, for big events on location only.

BUT MAINLY I AM THRILLED!!!! To offer our dear clients a restroom... Among other great up grades.

Including new amazing talent!

I am on the hunt for 3 more fantastic stylist if you happen to be one or know one I would love to hear from you.

So there it is party people, Holiday is growing and expanding!!!

I will keep you updated and let you know the deets (address) when we get closer to opening the new doors.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I love you poncho!

I got this incredible Pendleton poncho!!! And I wanted to make you all sick with jealousy about it! ... NO NOT REALLY. But I do love it so much that I am even a little bit jealous of it myself and the darn thing is mine! The Portland Collection by pendleton is just STUNNING!!! I have to say I am completely sold! And I WILL be spending TOO much of my money on it this winter... And I am at peace with that!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Get your Holiday Hair at Holiday Hair!

Wow I can not believe the Holidays are zooming by so quickly! I wanted to give a little shout out because it has been a crazy whirl wind the past few weeks and I miss my little blog connection.

I do not have a ton to say, so I guess I will remind you all that I have adorable little gift certificates that match my damask wall paper... They do Make great gifts for those loved ones that love Holiday!

So there is that, the work part of the post, now on to the play... Although in my job it is usually hard to distinguish one from the other! Which I am NOT complaining about... But rather, that is a good segue into my next topic... Being thankful, and hoping you all had a wonderful yesterday of feasting and families and friendship, and all of that lovely stuff!

If you are a client of mine, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart for making my job so incredibly fantastic. With out you all, I would just be a girl, alone, sitting in a trailer.

Happiness to you all!
(it is OK to have gagged a little while you read that--it was a little saccharine)



Friday, November 4, 2011


Holiday, has MOVED!!! It is less than a block away and from the old spot... But now it is highly visible from the street!!! It is like she has her own main stage on the corner of the corner of SE 28th and Ash.

If you are going to the old spot she is just a half a block south (towards SE Stark St.) On the same side of the street even.

I can't wait to see you all at the new lot!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Friday everyone!

It is getting chilly out there! Luckily it is warm and cozy aboard Holiday!!!! I have one opening today at 6:00 pm if any one would like to grab it. You can now book on line at Stay warm and enjoy the beauty out there!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dear clients,

My real website will be down until tomorrow... I switched my hosting service and it could take up to 24 hours to be back on line... Sorry about any inconvenience, I know my site is a fun and lovely place to click about, but it should be back up very soon! You will find some info right here on my blog and you can always call me to make an appointment or ask a question (503) 516-9115...

Until my site is back up and running, here is some hair to inspire you.


Friday, October 14, 2011

I have not been feeling very bloggy...

In fact I think I have some serious blog fog going on, in m' cog...s. I have not been totally inspired as of late, at least not by fashion and cute hair, or at least any sort of fashion that you can wear out of the house... Yikes! TMI (my blog has been hijacked by a Debbie Downer) Sorry to break all the rules of blogging... By breaking just that one, of, "Be inspiring!!!!(happy face, happy face, happy face) Not exactly that right now. I am not totally uninspired, just kinda blah about dolling up, I would rather wrap myself up and in shalls and sit by a fire and knit, like a little old person... I think I am trying to adjust to the weather... I feel like we were a little bit robbed of Blustery, boot wearing, sweater pairing, scarf sharing, fall... It has been especially gray outside, and soggy, which I kinda was hoping would hold off until at least November... But really? What can you do about it?

Well, I will tell you what I have been doing about it... Wearing layers of comfy cotton and and an Ikea throw that I am looking to make into a shall with canvas straps and wooden buckles. And if I need to run out, for one reason or another, I just throw on my red Hunters and call it good! But mostly I have been staying in, making huge pots of soup and baking dishes of homemade mac and chee' with especially stinky cheeses, and doing lot of art with Reese.

Just kinda loving home right now.
However I have not exactly been a fashion plate, as a result. But I do like to look a little bit cute walst slobbing around the house and that is why I have put together a little montage of home style that is kinda crazy cute.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Top Knot of the day to ya...

This girl is pretty much the sweetest thing of all... Ever!
I love this photo too, it is amazing... I have know idea from wherest I stole it. I grabbed in during some wild rampage of image snatchery and as usual, like an Ass, I fail to give do credit...

But thank you talented eye, whom ever you are, you made me simply weak with your picture making.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Buns and Bangs

Ok! One more time with fringing!
Here are, yes, MORE top knots or buns, whatever, this time with the addition of fringe or bangs, whatever.

By the way, how awesome it that radical gray sweatshirt with the mustard boots? I want it!

The Daily Do

I must confess, I love a mess!

These Top knots are top knotch!

Here are more sweet morsels of top knot inspiration. Top knots and big scarves are all I can think about all day long... Well at least it is all I am compelled to post as of late. So stay tuned if your are digging on my little obsession here. There are certainly more to come...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Top Knot

And wow this hardly shows it at all!!!

But here it is, my sad version of one... It is what I am working with right now, people! Give me a break!

Winston Churchill Once said,
"Do what you can, with what you have, from where you are"

That is all I am up to with this wimpy thing. But I am on a mission peeps, and before you know it I will be sporting a glorious, full on, top knot of my very own.

Top Knots


First of all, sorry to make you silently freak out at your coffee shop, over these fricken cuties. Trust me though, it had to happen. You will thank me later, when you are at home in your mirror and you find the perfect perch atop your dome for one of these gems.

I will have to admit at first I was a little turned off by these little sweet rolls... That was last year, and I was crazy then... Because through out this past year I have fallen BAD for a high riding bun, like nobodies business... I want one sooooo bad it hurts! A little dramatic? Maybe. But that is how I am with hair...
Goddamn passionate!

I often wonder if it isn't maybe just a pretty face I like... Actually, I take that back, I KNOW I appreciate a pretty face, and when it is accompanied by rad hair? Well, it is not unlikely that I will go gaa-gaa-goo-goo for the whole package.

Here are some uh-mazing top knots... Buns... Twisties... Poofs... Whatever you want to call them I hope you enjoy these hairstyles as much as I do.

Don't you want one now? Don't you want your very own top knot? Perched right up there on top yo' head??? I do... I sure do.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Autum's come... Time to shed your summer ends

This is our favorite time of year!
We love how the world slows down and starts to shed the old.
The weather is getting blustery and cool and the time for giant scarves is upon us. Like the gorgeous leaves turn brilliant shades of fire and gently give themselves back to the earth... it is time for you, too to deepen your tone and shed your summer ends. Lets trim up those wayward tresses and reign in that beach bum look... It is time my dolls to sober up and go in ward. Bring on the mystery. Perhaps with thick blanket bangs that fall cozily to the sides to wrap and frame those rosy autumn cheeks.
Thrown up looks and healthy blunt bottoms is what I am thinking.

Whada ya say?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A key hole peek into my not Hair life...

And when I say key hole that is what I mean... Because this is not exactly representative of our day to day, but it is a tiny portion of some of the magic that exists in our world so I am excited to share...

Here goes...

Just got back from Bear Valley Lake.

It was the 50th birthday of Ronny Crawford, this guy is pretty much my Soul Papa... It is hard to explain the connection I have to him or this group of people that we were celebrating with, and titles always fall short of what they actually mean to me, But it is SPECIAL and unwavering and grows stronger and stronger as we grow (stronger and stronger).
We usually go with Soul Family, Chosen Family, or The Village.

Any way it was a big deal number for Ronny, so we all came together. We stayed in the house Lloyd Bridges built for his family (back in the 70's I am guessing)... That is right... We got to stay in The Dudes (Jeff Bridges) house, I am pretty sure we stayed in his actual room. I have nothing to verify that, it was quite clearly just a hunch.

The house it's self was insane!!! Owned currently by Barbara, a friend of the soul family... Shout out to Barb for hosting us all and sharing your home with us. You are awesome!

About this place... Four stories, a laundry room on each floor, a kitchen on the top and on the bottom. Huge sauna... On a private lake that looked like it was a play mobile set... EVERYTHING was perfect! From the tiny little floating dock, the three ducks waddling by and the perfectly placed fire pit on the manicured beach... Even the ripples on the water and the sound of children's laughter spelled out perfection. No matter how hard you tried there was just no ignoring the peace and serenity of this place.

We kayaked and canoed all around, there was a huge rope swing and the water was crystal clear... I should hope so, it was what we were actually drinking as well.

The view was spectacular, like I said the house was unbelievable, the location was incredible... But the people!!!! I am telling you it is just magic when we get together... I LOVE these people as much as one can love... And I miss it more and more each time we come together than leave. We have chosen so wisely!!! But really all of our hearts just found each others, that is what I think.

Thank you for Our Village gathering--you all just fill our hearts up full!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Home from holiday on the way back to Holiday

Just getting back from our adventures on the road and with family! Here are some non Hair related pictures from real life!


Are just too good! Just found the craziest most random Turkish Bazar in the Lloyd Center Mall... Of all places the mall?

It is called Istanbul Gifts and OMG I was freaking out, quite obviously, over everything in this place... But especially the hand knotted Turkish rugs, and all of the things they had that were made out of said rugs. Purses, shoes and Pillows!!!

I got six, thank you! Here are just a few images of my new little beauties.

... Also the giant Istambulee man that owns the place kept trying to feed me free Turkish Delight and he gave me free earrings for buying so many pillow cases.

The whole experience was amesome, and so authentic, I was almost tempted to barter.

Tonight I stuff them and tomorrow I place them...
Three will be at Holiday on the plush little couch and three are for ME!!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Holiday is almost 100!!!

We almost have 100 likes on Facebook!

Would you like to help get us there?

Perhaps be THE ONE that make us spill over into the 100's?

Or maybe even 1000's???...

Ok, maybe just 100's for now.

You can like us right here, on our blog!

Over there to your right---->
(and down a bit)

Be a part of the party!!! And make our facebook page rage!!!
Did that sound cool?
Or authentic??
At all???

Ah, well, it will happen, even if you, the casual passer by from google, decide to skip it...


One more Bob I love...

Saget... Bob Saget, I love Bob Saget... No. No I don't. That was a joke I don't love Bob Sagat at all, I have always thought he was kind of a wienie, actually.

But I DO LOVE this slightly shorter version of the long bob I have been dreaming of lately... It has such a good bite to it, yes? That is to say the chop factor is outstanding!!!

Would you disagree?

Long Wavy Bob

Here is the wavy haired translation.... Of previously mentioned long bob.

And since I may be slightly obsessed with, and have a tiny crush on, a certain Alexa Chung... How about we just use pictures of... You guessed it!

Alexa Chung...

And one more thing, Alexa, will you be my boyfriend?

Circle one:



The Long Bob.

While NOT ALL HAIRSTYLES ARE FOR EVERYONE... And this is certainly NO EXCEPTION... I am LOVing this understated messy chunky, mostly one length, highly blunted, with long bangs, bob right now! It is simple and sophisticated, yet effortless and youthful. It has an heir of confidence about it that kinda says, "I don't care what my hair does I am busy being business and powerful" It is unapproachable yet innocent... That is the read I get anyway.

The most important factors to consider when choosing this hairstyle are, THICKNESS AND CHOP-ABILITY... Meaning, I would not recommend this style for those who don't have a massive amount of hair, or the ability to fake it, if you are going for this style and do not have a ton of hair, you will surly end up disappointed! A long neck is also helpful when trying to achieve a long swingy bob, a good amount of space between your chin and shoulders help with the the swing factor here.

Ok, so that all being said this CAN be a really re-freshing Fall hairstyle for those of you who are kind of sick of the willy-nilly-ness of of summers wispy ends.

And even if you do have a ton of hair I would still recommend playing that up with a bit of back combing (in fact I never discourage such things-everyone could use a little lift if you ask me) around the crown and sides a bit, just below the top layers to add some mess and texture to the over all wiggy look.

And now that I mention it... THAT just might be my favorite part of this whole look... The wigginess... I love for this long bob to look just slightly like a wig... A little too perfect but with a messiness that could only be synthetic (wink)... Chunky-swingy- shiny-messy.

Now that I have you all confused... I sugest you just look at the pictures, and forget all my babble.