Friday, October 14, 2011

I have not been feeling very bloggy...

In fact I think I have some serious blog fog going on, in m' cog...s. I have not been totally inspired as of late, at least not by fashion and cute hair, or at least any sort of fashion that you can wear out of the house... Yikes! TMI (my blog has been hijacked by a Debbie Downer) Sorry to break all the rules of blogging... By breaking just that one, of, "Be inspiring!!!!(happy face, happy face, happy face) Not exactly that right now. I am not totally uninspired, just kinda blah about dolling up, I would rather wrap myself up and in shalls and sit by a fire and knit, like a little old person... I think I am trying to adjust to the weather... I feel like we were a little bit robbed of Blustery, boot wearing, sweater pairing, scarf sharing, fall... It has been especially gray outside, and soggy, which I kinda was hoping would hold off until at least November... But really? What can you do about it?

Well, I will tell you what I have been doing about it... Wearing layers of comfy cotton and and an Ikea throw that I am looking to make into a shall with canvas straps and wooden buckles. And if I need to run out, for one reason or another, I just throw on my red Hunters and call it good! But mostly I have been staying in, making huge pots of soup and baking dishes of homemade mac and chee' with especially stinky cheeses, and doing lot of art with Reese.

Just kinda loving home right now.
However I have not exactly been a fashion plate, as a result. But I do like to look a little bit cute walst slobbing around the house and that is why I have put together a little montage of home style that is kinda crazy cute.