Saturday, September 24, 2011

A key hole peek into my not Hair life...

And when I say key hole that is what I mean... Because this is not exactly representative of our day to day, but it is a tiny portion of some of the magic that exists in our world so I am excited to share...

Here goes...

Just got back from Bear Valley Lake.

It was the 50th birthday of Ronny Crawford, this guy is pretty much my Soul Papa... It is hard to explain the connection I have to him or this group of people that we were celebrating with, and titles always fall short of what they actually mean to me, But it is SPECIAL and unwavering and grows stronger and stronger as we grow (stronger and stronger).
We usually go with Soul Family, Chosen Family, or The Village.

Any way it was a big deal number for Ronny, so we all came together. We stayed in the house Lloyd Bridges built for his family (back in the 70's I am guessing)... That is right... We got to stay in The Dudes (Jeff Bridges) house, I am pretty sure we stayed in his actual room. I have nothing to verify that, it was quite clearly just a hunch.

The house it's self was insane!!! Owned currently by Barbara, a friend of the soul family... Shout out to Barb for hosting us all and sharing your home with us. You are awesome!

About this place... Four stories, a laundry room on each floor, a kitchen on the top and on the bottom. Huge sauna... On a private lake that looked like it was a play mobile set... EVERYTHING was perfect! From the tiny little floating dock, the three ducks waddling by and the perfectly placed fire pit on the manicured beach... Even the ripples on the water and the sound of children's laughter spelled out perfection. No matter how hard you tried there was just no ignoring the peace and serenity of this place.

We kayaked and canoed all around, there was a huge rope swing and the water was crystal clear... I should hope so, it was what we were actually drinking as well.

The view was spectacular, like I said the house was unbelievable, the location was incredible... But the people!!!! I am telling you it is just magic when we get together... I LOVE these people as much as one can love... And I miss it more and more each time we come together than leave. We have chosen so wisely!!! But really all of our hearts just found each others, that is what I think.

Thank you for Our Village gathering--you all just fill our hearts up full!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Home from holiday on the way back to Holiday

Just getting back from our adventures on the road and with family! Here are some non Hair related pictures from real life!


Are just too good! Just found the craziest most random Turkish Bazar in the Lloyd Center Mall... Of all places the mall?

It is called Istanbul Gifts and OMG I was freaking out, quite obviously, over everything in this place... But especially the hand knotted Turkish rugs, and all of the things they had that were made out of said rugs. Purses, shoes and Pillows!!!

I got six, thank you! Here are just a few images of my new little beauties.

... Also the giant Istambulee man that owns the place kept trying to feed me free Turkish Delight and he gave me free earrings for buying so many pillow cases.

The whole experience was amesome, and so authentic, I was almost tempted to barter.

Tonight I stuff them and tomorrow I place them...
Three will be at Holiday on the plush little couch and three are for ME!!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Holiday is almost 100!!!

We almost have 100 likes on Facebook!

Would you like to help get us there?

Perhaps be THE ONE that make us spill over into the 100's?

Or maybe even 1000's???...

Ok, maybe just 100's for now.

You can like us right here, on our blog!

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Be a part of the party!!! And make our facebook page rage!!!
Did that sound cool?
Or authentic??
At all???

Ah, well, it will happen, even if you, the casual passer by from google, decide to skip it...


One more Bob I love...

Saget... Bob Saget, I love Bob Saget... No. No I don't. That was a joke I don't love Bob Sagat at all, I have always thought he was kind of a wienie, actually.

But I DO LOVE this slightly shorter version of the long bob I have been dreaming of lately... It has such a good bite to it, yes? That is to say the chop factor is outstanding!!!

Would you disagree?

Long Wavy Bob

Here is the wavy haired translation.... Of previously mentioned long bob.

And since I may be slightly obsessed with, and have a tiny crush on, a certain Alexa Chung... How about we just use pictures of... You guessed it!

Alexa Chung...

And one more thing, Alexa, will you be my boyfriend?

Circle one:



The Long Bob.

While NOT ALL HAIRSTYLES ARE FOR EVERYONE... And this is certainly NO EXCEPTION... I am LOVing this understated messy chunky, mostly one length, highly blunted, with long bangs, bob right now! It is simple and sophisticated, yet effortless and youthful. It has an heir of confidence about it that kinda says, "I don't care what my hair does I am busy being business and powerful" It is unapproachable yet innocent... That is the read I get anyway.

The most important factors to consider when choosing this hairstyle are, THICKNESS AND CHOP-ABILITY... Meaning, I would not recommend this style for those who don't have a massive amount of hair, or the ability to fake it, if you are going for this style and do not have a ton of hair, you will surly end up disappointed! A long neck is also helpful when trying to achieve a long swingy bob, a good amount of space between your chin and shoulders help with the the swing factor here.

Ok, so that all being said this CAN be a really re-freshing Fall hairstyle for those of you who are kind of sick of the willy-nilly-ness of of summers wispy ends.

And even if you do have a ton of hair I would still recommend playing that up with a bit of back combing (in fact I never discourage such things-everyone could use a little lift if you ask me) around the crown and sides a bit, just below the top layers to add some mess and texture to the over all wiggy look.

And now that I mention it... THAT just might be my favorite part of this whole look... The wigginess... I love for this long bob to look just slightly like a wig... A little too perfect but with a messiness that could only be synthetic (wink)... Chunky-swingy- shiny-messy.

Now that I have you all confused... I sugest you just look at the pictures, and forget all my babble.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Awesome Ombre Haircolor!

I did some really rad ombre (gradiating) hair color today, with a flaming twist! What a sweet gal too! And AMAZING hair pallet! I must say that she had quite an abundance of tresses!!! But before I get all wordy on you and use a bunch of fruity adjective to describe the glory... How about I just show you the beauty that is... Autumn Bliss. That is the best I could do right then... In that moment, and again right now, I am calling this Autumn Bliss... You know? To usher in the blustery winds and foliage aflame...
No? Ok, so you can read that I am one tired cookie! Can I get a little credit for attempting a blog entry at all?
That would be encouraging.

Without further a du...
Here it is. I think it is pretty sweet.
And goodnight