Friday, September 2, 2011

Awesome Ombre Haircolor!

I did some really rad ombre (gradiating) hair color today, with a flaming twist! What a sweet gal too! And AMAZING hair pallet! I must say that she had quite an abundance of tresses!!! But before I get all wordy on you and use a bunch of fruity adjective to describe the glory... How about I just show you the beauty that is... Autumn Bliss. That is the best I could do right then... In that moment, and again right now, I am calling this Autumn Bliss... You know? To usher in the blustery winds and foliage aflame...
No? Ok, so you can read that I am one tired cookie! Can I get a little credit for attempting a blog entry at all?
That would be encouraging.

Without further a du...
Here it is. I think it is pretty sweet.
And goodnight