Friday, September 23, 2011


Are just too good! Just found the craziest most random Turkish Bazar in the Lloyd Center Mall... Of all places the mall?

It is called Istanbul Gifts and OMG I was freaking out, quite obviously, over everything in this place... But especially the hand knotted Turkish rugs, and all of the things they had that were made out of said rugs. Purses, shoes and Pillows!!!

I got six, thank you! Here are just a few images of my new little beauties.

... Also the giant Istambulee man that owns the place kept trying to feed me free Turkish Delight and he gave me free earrings for buying so many pillow cases.

The whole experience was amesome, and so authentic, I was almost tempted to barter.

Tonight I stuff them and tomorrow I place them...
Three will be at Holiday on the plush little couch and three are for ME!!!!