Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Long Bob.

While NOT ALL HAIRSTYLES ARE FOR EVERYONE... And this is certainly NO EXCEPTION... I am LOVing this understated messy chunky, mostly one length, highly blunted, with long bangs, bob right now! It is simple and sophisticated, yet effortless and youthful. It has an heir of confidence about it that kinda says, "I don't care what my hair does I am busy being business and powerful" It is unapproachable yet innocent... That is the read I get anyway.

The most important factors to consider when choosing this hairstyle are, THICKNESS AND CHOP-ABILITY... Meaning, I would not recommend this style for those who don't have a massive amount of hair, or the ability to fake it, if you are going for this style and do not have a ton of hair, you will surly end up disappointed! A long neck is also helpful when trying to achieve a long swingy bob, a good amount of space between your chin and shoulders help with the the swing factor here.

Ok, so that all being said this CAN be a really re-freshing Fall hairstyle for those of you who are kind of sick of the willy-nilly-ness of of summers wispy ends.

And even if you do have a ton of hair I would still recommend playing that up with a bit of back combing (in fact I never discourage such things-everyone could use a little lift if you ask me) around the crown and sides a bit, just below the top layers to add some mess and texture to the over all wiggy look.

And now that I mention it... THAT just might be my favorite part of this whole look... The wigginess... I love for this long bob to look just slightly like a wig... A little too perfect but with a messiness that could only be synthetic (wink)... Chunky-swingy- shiny-messy.

Now that I have you all confused... I sugest you just look at the pictures, and forget all my babble.