Monday, August 22, 2011

On Being a Business Lady

Doing Hair is fun! So much fun! Talking to clients is really a special aspect of my job too... Like, as equally as important to me as the sculpting of hair... But you know what I never knew that I was going to LOVE? The business part. Running a business is a lot of work! There are so many details that you need to consider and nurture and take care of on a regular basis, and well, I love doing those things now too??? This sounds crazy to myself, I never thought I was this way, inclined towards these "boring" aspects of running the show, but, huh? I am!

I love the feeling of being on top of it, of embracing the mundane order! And quite frankly getting shit done!

I used to say I was a double right brained glitter tornado, spattering my sparkles everywhere, but leaving a ridiculous mess behind.

Not any more. Now I am a deliberate and focused powerhouse of a business woman.

See the difference?


(someone left me this song on Facebook when I was commenting on such matters -- I thought it was perfect!!! I could not stop grinning--ear to ear! About the cheesiness and the accuracy... And so I have made it my theme song)