Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am being patient...

Just waiting for the universe to catch up!... Or maybe it is waiting for me to slow down. Whatever the case, I am, now, zen about the placement of my lovely Holiday. I know that all is in alignment. Perfection is what we have here... I mean what else is there? I could go off on some funny(ish), wordy rant about how my grandchildren are going to cut the ribbon on this baby... Or How, by the time I get placed the cart craze is going to be dead in the water and I am just gonna look like some trashy old gypsy lady... And I mean old because, well, it is taking FOREVER! But really, even those are dumb, in genuine examples because I am truly at peace with the process... I do believe it is all just right exactly as it is. And part of that is not knowing when (or potentially even where) we will finally be. But I know that it is perfect and that is all, I guess, I need to know for now. Back to visualizing... Ooo I can see her now in her cozy little nook of this magical city!

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