Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bon Voyage Holiday! Have a wonderful time!

She is all cleared out and ready for her first voyage into the world. Tomorrow she will be hauled away on a flat bed to the doctors office (Trailer garage) to be wired, plumed, and have the propane lines replaced... I found a shop that has been doing a lot of the food carts and is privy to all the requirements for inspection/permitting of the vending carts, and they are going to make our Holiday Hair Studio too legit too quit! This afternoon my husband and I removed the vanity and anything else that would break my heart if it fell and broke. As well as all of the evidence of the work we have done in there, all of the tools, buckets of paint, knob choices, wallpaper samples, and little bits and pieces I have collected over the months... Which included four different tea kettles... ??? Like I have room for four tea pots? Not that I am going to use all four kettles but a girl has to have choices right? It is nice to see the space cleared out and open, ready to be filled back in with what is really going to be there when she returns...Like, Just ONE tea pot!!! The curtains, bench cushions and pillows will all be going in when she comes back. The light fixture will have brand new wires and will be installed upon her return! I will even be able to hang pictures and will probably end up stocking her shelves and displaying products when she gets done getting done, as well, even though I will have to un-stock and take down displays when we get the final call to move into our fabulous new home... But until then I will just have to play salon in my sweety-spot little space.

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-j said...

SO EXCITED!!! CONGRATS! Gotta break some apple cider on the front when she leaves for the new spot!