Friday, May 4, 2012

Why I love to cut curly hair

Here is what I can do for your curls... Or rather here is what I LOVE to do for your curls. I love to take a massive block of curly hair and set it free... It is like it starts out as a heavy hunk of wood and I sculpt it into a beautiful work of art. I love to take each tress and make it it's own shining superstar. Bouncing forth radiating light loveliness around your beautiful face... In a happy head celebration bouncing, cheering and marching it's freedom dance. Too much? Did I lay it on too thick? Am I'm SPIRALING out of control here with my elaboration? Because, honestly, I don't think I have quite yet conveyed my fondness for your coils! No seriously, I have been called the curl whisperer... Just saying someone (other than me) did say that. It is probably because I love them so much, so I just know how to talk to these babies! Is it like I am a used car sales man with this schpeal? sorry about that, but my enthusiasum is real and my abilities... Also... Real. I just have to say one last time, I love um' I love those crazy curls!!!

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