Thursday, May 24, 2012

New bangs!

So I have got new bangs and I love them!... So much!!! they are all hi chopped up in the middle and curtain-y on the sides, they are funny little things that I love! I feel like these little bangs just open up my face and give my hair the sass that the misery of a grow out is usually lacking. So, they are a little art school (I am a painter after all) and they do resemble my kindergarten picture when I cut my bangs myself, super special, just for picture day, but I LOVE THEM!!!! It is amazing how a little change can make my face feel alive again... I was suffering from a serious case of dead face... I know that doesn't sound very attractive, and it is not, not attractive at all, but I calls it like I sees it folks... But now I am, if I don't say so myself, feeling rather cute with my crooked little bang job. I have a lightness around the fringe and a hop in ma' step! I am ready to take on the sunshine!


serra said...

It's miraculous what a little bangs can do.

serra said...

It's miraculous what a little bangs can do!