Friday, August 13, 2010

A lot has happened...

Since last I wrote. And my hope for this entry is to share it with you all. This may sound like a boring todo list, but make no mistake people... This is a to-DONE list!!! And for me, the horse behind (in this case) the laptop, who is ever so anxiously chomping at the bit to run this race already, jotting this post down and seeing the progress I have made writen down in front of me can only help put things into persective.

So now, before I go further into the part where I am soooo friggin' ready for it to just be "there" already, I'll reflect on how far it's come. Shall we do it in list style? Will this blog format allow for a list style? let's just find out now shall we?


demo complete [X]
dump runs done[X]
new walls up [X]
new ceiling hung [X]
walls painted [X]
doors and windows trimed out [X]
trim painted {x]
new floor in [X]
got shampoo bowl [X]
got new hairchair [X]
chair re-upholstered [X]
got vanity [X]
built platform for vanity [X]
tiled platform [X]
got new hand sink [X]
got fabric [X]
got curtin rods [X]
made curtins [X]
made cusions for bench seat[X]
made pillows [X]
counter top cut out [X]
cabinets- 2 uppers built [X]

So there we have it, I think that is most of what is marked off, not even gonna go into what is left to-do... Makin' like Goerge Castanza here... leaving on a high note. That is if I am successfully able to upload some progress pics.

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