Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The next time I have a tiny trailer...

I want to keep it all for myself! Working on Holiday has really been an over all blast... And I have loved styling her out for company, that is you, the client! But it has been hard to deny her her cozy potential (don't worrie I saved some cozy for you too). But that is why I think next I really want one for myself and my cozy little family!... There are so many possibilities with these things. I mean obviously, could you even count the places we could go?... Nope you couldn't. And then there is the stay factor, a guest bed, afternoon tea, just to decorate a miniature little oasis! To cozy it out with books and textiles and pillows galore... I gotta say I love a little gypsy cart! I think I really need to watch myself other wise I might end up with this redneck mansion... Which I actually think is... Way raaad!

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