Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Direction please.

I guess this morning I am searching for a bit of direction... So many things swirling around in my dome that I am having a hard time plucking one down to focus on. They are all just buzzing around up there like mad hornets. It is more like a bee hive hovering above my shoulders than a head. Art shows, Holiday, proposals, counter offers, traffic court, taxes, responsibilities, clearing out the basement, resolutions, errands... And then there are the not so pressing little insects up there too, with their waxy wings and intriguing stripes who are far less frantic, these guys are more like honey bees they have a calmer way about them, romantic and mesmerizing as they route their courses from lovely flower to lovely flower... Unfortunately these are just the dreamy bees, my little creative distractions from the hornets. Ideas and inspiration about future projects and possibilities but that do not effect my life now... Sadly these are the bees I need to smoke out, so that I may focus on fighting traffic tickets, collecting receipts, protesting my bank, and arranging the life and projects that are here now in front of my face... Even this blog post I am sure is another form of collecting honey--Procrastinating. So now that I got to be a tiny bit creative maybe I can find a way to tackle some hornets? It is gonna sting a little as it always does when I force responsibility upon myself, but I am an adult so I suppose it is my job to endure the welts. (wow, that was kinda dramatic--as I do actually really enjoy my adulthood)

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