Saturday, May 28, 2011

WOW! Am I ever grateful for my job.

I LOVE it! I really am so happy to be doing the work that I do. Some of the best, most interesting, talented and adorable people sit in my chair, from chocolatiers and bakers, alpaca farmers, art therapists, artist, scientists, amazing photographers, writers, musicians, powerful woman with bigwig jobs, hobby pilots, I swear I get to hear so many stories from so many walks of life. GEMS I tell you these people are all sparkly little gems in the world and in my day! I hear all kinds of things! Like what?, You ask. Well That I will never tell! I go by a strict code of client/stylist confidentiality. All though if there were ever a film crew that wanted to take on some of these confessions I might just have to oblige. But really nothing scandalous, though I am here for those with crazy stories as well. I just love meeting new people and catching up with old ones. Conversation and laughter is part of what makes my job so spectacular! Much of my job being great is about the art of hair styling BUT also it is SOOO much about the people I get to meet!

So, before I ramble on and on and repeat myself yet again by saying how much I love all of you... Let me just say...

Thank You

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