Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Daily Do:

Holiday Hair Studio is now offering same-day specials when the schedule allows for such treats!

We are calling it the "Daily Do" so when you see this as a title it means there is something extra special waiting for you aboard the magic little trailer that is HOLIDAY!

To kick off the the first of many special days here at Holiday, We are offering a complimentary Moroccan Oil--Deep Conditioning Treatment when you book a Haircut TODAY!

This treatment will leave your hair feeling strong and healthy and SOOO smooth and shiny for days! If you have naughty, knotty hair come in for some FREE repair!!!

A Value of $35!

We have 2 spots available at --12:00 and 2:30

Call to reserve your space! Today ONLY people!

(503) 516-9115

Much Love and Happy Hair.


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