Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Motha's Day!

I am so proud to be both a mother and a daughter on this day of celebrating these incredible relationships! I am so grateful to my amazing husband for helping to bring into my heart and life the brightest shine of gods light that I have ever known! My son! Today I celebrate the gift of being a mother by appreciating the ones that made me one... My husband and my son!!! I love you two little creatures with every breath of my being. You make my life simply wonderful and I THANK YOU for that! Not that either of those guys read this... So, I will now address the one person who does actually read this thing, my mom! Happy Mother's Day mom! Happy Mothers day to all of my moms!!! I have so many women that teach me so many things and who extend to me great wisdom and motherly gifts... I could not be more blessed in the the department of Motherly Love...That sounds pretty official, doesn't it?... The Department of Motherly Love? I think that we should definitely make this a branch of the government. Load knows!...It would do some good!!! In fact I am pretty sure it could actually solve all of our problems! Anyway, before I go all tangy on you kind people... I just want to say thank you to all mamas everywhere for being the amazing women that you are, I am so honored to be in your club.

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