Sunday, May 16, 2010

My dreams are in your hands...

Dude at the property management center... Of my dream property!!! There I go again, starting out by screaming at you all--what with the exclamation marks and such. Oh well, I hardly know how to write about stuff that bores me so you are just going to have to mussel through the excitement, or find a different resource for your random ramblings and procrastination. Anyway, staying right on topic here(clearly). I met with the property manager, Jim. That is his name, Jim. I think it is only appropriate that you know the man's name who is responsible for making or breaking my dreams. Jim and I met last week I pitched him my idea and presented my business plan. He seemed impressed, while not jumping up right then and there and tossing me the keys with a go-get-um-kid wink and a smile he lead me to believe that he would do some serious twirling around, of my proposal, in the old hamster cage. That is to say, he would give it some thought. Remember when I told you all that I had not found it yet... A place that I was enthralled with... A place to hold my obsession? WELL... Those days are far behind me now... I can barely even picture a time (two weeks ago) when I didn't know this place as being THE PLACE! MY PLACE! HOLIDAY! Jimmany Christmas all ready, just realize your damn-self who's spot that is Jimmy boy and we can get on with this!.. Respectfully. Really though, I can not wait for the post that is titled "IT IS MINE!!!" You know how that one will go? Probably just a bunch of straight up exclamation marks... And that's it!

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