Saturday, May 8, 2010


So my meeting with the future prop manager hasn't happened yet... He had to reschedule so we meet on Wednesday now. Still at 10:00 if anyone wants to send out "lease that dang ol spot" energy then, you know, it couldn't hurt. I am working hard on my business plan... The more I workon it the more I am excited about it all. I can't believe that I can keep getting more and more into this little dream adventure I am on, but I do! I can't wait to share more about some of the newest developments... I have to keep working on the BP now but as soon as I get a moment I will tell you about the newest big thing. You'll never guess but it is so super cool. Oooo now ponder that for a bit... Or not, I'll be back to tell about it later either way.

Xox- From all of me to all of you

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