Monday, July 11, 2011

So I did it... I mousy browned myself!

---------------------------> (Just another classy self portrait)

AND what a bummer! I went mousy brown... While trying to grow out my hair???... BAD IDEA!! SO NOT GOOD. I thought it would be ok, but I was horribly mistaken. I had to immediately turn it dark again, pre-picture even.

Turns out I don't have the face of Jean Seberg,??? Or twiggy. Nor do I have the face, even, of the pink cigarette girl on the Hair album... NOPE, Me, I am just plane, and with a wonky grow out happening, the mousy brown was, heading straight towards homelyville.

Alas I am no tear out of a fashion mag... Just a another hairstylist, hooked on haircolor.

But speaking of natural appeal--I did however get a lovely compliment from a client on Saturday (post experiment & color fix), she said, "I love that you don't look like a hairstylist". I was quite happy to hear that, as it always turns me off just a little bit when someone guesses my profession without knowing. I like to keep the intrigue! No actually, I like a bit more of a natural feminine look then that of the in-your-face-glam that a lot of stylists go for.

I am just glad to be the test dummy for the drab color experience, so that you can come in and I can dazzle you out with some champagne highlights to liven up your mouse house (that is slang [that i just made up] for your natural hair color).

Let's keep it flowing and growing people!