Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Highlights in Portland!!!

Well... I would say it is time to take responsibility for our own sunshine. If we can not count on the sun to shine down upon us, we are just going to make our own sunshine from the ground up! I am talking Highlights here people, rad streaky, comin' in from the front, running throughout the back, chuncky, blended, buttery, platinum, champaign... Whatever you want! What-eva' you NEED!!! HIGHLIGHTS! Subtle ones, obvious ones and every thing in between, highlights. This is a call for action ladies (and men too... I guess???) Let's frame those beautiful faces with some light and lovely summertime flare. You don't need the sun to come out to flirt a little. We'll start with the hair then add in the Spaghetti straps, and from there... Well! Matt Zaffino (thats our weather guy) is going to have to call sunshine in the forecast, because our fair (skinned) city is going to be glistening like El Dorado when I am done with ya'll.

Who's in? Let's book it! I have got a brand new box of foil and I am ready to go!

(503) 516-9115