Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today a client walked in with a sunburn... The nerve!

I was green with envy over her red face.

But I graciously congratulated her on her sunburn and we went about the service. Come to find out she had been down on the Oregon Coast--close to California (of course) but Oregon none-the-less. This is proof people, that the sun doth shine in Oregon! I have heard tell of this phenomenon, but I can barely recall the last time I was on the right axis at the correct coordinates, amidst the perfect atmospheric pressure to have the experience for myself. I did though, once, long ago, see the sun, in all of it's sunshiny glory and it was victorious!

Come to Portland, and you are guaranteed at least one Sasquatch sighting, a leprechaun encounter, plenty of fairies, naked bike riding processions and definitely unicycle commuters... You can even get your hair done aboard a magical little gypsy cart (what, who me?!)! But Sunshine? I would not count on that...

But tomorrow I suspect there will be sun...
Based only on that fact that I just decided it will be so.

Get out your sandals! And clippity clop your way over to Holiday for some lemonade on the porch.
(and story telling)