Sunday, July 25, 2010

holy Smokes!... What happend to June???

I can't believe I have told my little blog nothing of the mad progress that we have going on in our side yard!!! Well actually I can kind of believe it because we have been majorly busy with the build out over here, and let me just tell you... Holiday is looking pretty sweet people! We have her totally gutted and all of the new walls are now up and primed and on their way to presentable... I'll have to make my next post a little photo montage of all of the stages. The new ceiling goes in tonight and after that the floor!!! If ever I wished I had gene Powers it would be with this little trailer. I would love to just blink and have it all be done... Not because I am not having sooo much fun with the remodel... because actually it is a ton of fun but the 3 year old in me wants it all done NOW!!! NOW, NOW, NOW!!!

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