Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Visualize with me...

Hello Universe,

It is Me, Robin (and Holiday), I am just writing to say thanks a million! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You, for making my dreams come true! You are truly amazing and abundant. As you know, I am now in my sparkly little space, my beautiful, amazing spot! AND I JUST LOVE IT HERE! Thank you for facilitating the magic that made my dream come true! Have you seen her?!?... What am I talking about? Of course you have, you actually have seen it all, every step along the way. But, Dude, Universe??? Can you even believe what an amazing thing we have made here? Truly a super special palace of magic and splendor! Wouldn't you agree?!? My, My, Oh Me Oh MY, but ain't she fine? Just Glorious! How she peeks right out from inside that secret garden, behind that regal wrought iron gate, Perfection! With her sweet little deck, that is actually her grand stage, as she shines her lovely light out on passer by's. Beckoning them in out of the blue-gray monotone of a Portland's winter day. Glowing like a small cottage in a darkening woods, wrapped in a Delicate Blush (actual paint color) with her sheer coral curtains and garland of twinkly lights casually draped around her outside, a little off the shoulder. What a flirty little dish she is! Warming guest with her luscious treats of drinking chocolate, sweet wines and petite pastries that are baked right on board, inside the tiniest little oven to ever attempt a macaroon! Her vanity surrounded by a halo of bulb lights wrapping us in her honey golden light and illuminating the beauty of it all!!!! What??? This Place is Bananas, so cute you could cry!, Right? Uhh!-I can barely stand it! She is absolutely marvelous, like a scene scavenged from the cutting room floor of a Wes Anderson film... So vibrant and quirky... And yet, it is a real place that people come to! They actually get to step inside this movie! They bring me their stories and dreams, our conversations dance and flutter to the sweet serenades of Edith Piaf or old timey Americana, as I spin gold from their silky tresses. They tip me in play lists, freshly canned pear butter, raspberries and heartmade goodies and they pay me in cash money! If the world is my oyster (and it is) then Holiday is the pearl! Thank you sweet, sweet universe for landing me here in this magic little matchbox of a fairytale come true! I am so grateful for all of the open and flowing goodness that moves through me and manifests my wildest dreams!

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Optic said...

Yes I SEE this!! I pouring guts of love into your perfect luscious vision!