Sunday, December 19, 2010

No macarons yet... But we did put up the tree?

I havent worked up the cookie courage ... Really I have not made the time... But hopefully this week will be the week. I can make them for gifts... That is if they do not turn out to be little turdy looking things... That is my fear, you know? That I will totally blow it, and this is why I procrastinate. Also I got the wrong almond meal, I got the TJ's kind that still had the skin on when they milled the almonds, so it is a speckley and I think I was supposed to get the blanched meal, or probably I was supposed to blanch the nuts myself and then ground them by mortis and pestle myself too, you know if I were a real baker. But I am not, so maybe I should just order them daily from Pix? Believe me that option is not off the table, but then neither are buttery little lavender short breads either, because I know that is something that I can make. Anyway there is a lot of talk about cookies and such but still no place to serve all of you good little girls and boys your treats. Soon you lovelies, hopefully we will be in our home come January (double crossed fingers and toes). There is movement behind this certain, I promise, we are almost there!

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