Monday, April 12, 2010

Spot hunting...

Since the remo of the studio is on hold until I meet with the designer, I will share a bit about the search for a spot. I have been looking around and there are definitely potentials but nothing has stollen my fancy and made me obsessed. Well one place did do this... It was last night... In a dream. I am not usually one for relaying dreams as most often I find them excruciating to listen to... You know? Unless you are Martin Luther King... I would really rather not hear about your dream. Well actually those kinds of dreams, daytime, awake time dreams I actually do like. I mean this whole blog is pretty much the telling of one of those dreams. But the, while you were sleeping "craziest thing happened" kind of dreams... Unless you 100% know that it is going to be absolutely funny to someone else don't even risk it... That is my rule anyway. That being said, let me let you about my dream!
I found seriously the perfect spot! It was in a narrow deadend ally! Doesn't that just sound amazing?!? (joke) but really it was in an ally and it was amazing... It was a winedy little cobble stone ally that deadended into a perfectly decrepit brick wall. 20 feet tall! On the other side of the wall was a huge willow tree that. Partially hung over to myside. I am pretty sure this scene was played out in Italy... Or some place old!!! Way older then the baby Northwest. But just for fun-or for boring (whatever your take on dream telling may be) I will go through with the fantasy... Ooop, Gotta go right now but I will be back to tell you the rest in a little but. (does that last part remind anyone else of "the Princess Bride"--Fred Savage: "what happened next grandpa") Ok, so not only telling a dream but also making you wait for the ending? Lame.

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